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This index refers to the 225,280 individual jazz musicians (1,406,831 total entries) included in over 244,316 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of February, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Juan Carlos Abreu
Page A2 Yaroldi Abreu to Paul Adamy
Page A3 Artur Adamyan to Francisco Aguilar
Page A4 Gregoire Aguilar to Michel Rivals Aladin
Page A5 Matt Alagna to Ariel Alexander
Page A6 Arthur Alexander to Billy Allen
Page A7 Blair Allen to Carlos Alomar
Page A8 Arto Alone to Amanda Ambrose
Page A9 Ari Ambrose to Burnett Anderson
Page A10 C.F. Anderson to Michael Andreas
Page A11 Peter Andreas to Shirley Ansell
Page A12 Susan Ansell to Ignacio Arango
Page A13 Justo M. Garcia Arango to Edan Armstrong
Page A14 Edie Armstrong to Naomi Asada
Page A15 Arto Asadoorian to Dave Athanas
Page A16 Stephan Athanas to Karlis Auzins
Page A17 Marcis Auzins to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Peter Baek
Page B2 Houle Baekdal to Fritz Baker
Page B3 Gail Baker to Andrew Ballard
Page B4 Bobby Ballard to Claus Bantzer
Page B5 Antoine Banville to Paolo Bariffi
Page B6 Giancarlo Barigozzi to Tomas Baros
Page B7 Tomas "Kastan" Baros to John Bartholomew
Page B8 Paul Bartholomew to Didier Batard
Page B9 Batatunde to Ken Bausano
Page B10 Norbert Bausback to Stephane Beaussier
Page B11 James Beauton to Ed Begley
Page B12 Jim Begley to Gus Belle-Isle
Page B13 Chris Belleau to Stefano Benini
Page B14 Roger Benioff to Umberto "Tamba" Berardesco
Page B15 Giuseppe Berardi to Udo Bergner
Page B16 Bruno Bergonzi to Jacques Berrocal
Page B17 Philippe Berrod to Peter Beukius
Page B18 Carl Beukman to Big "D"
Page B19 Gina Big Beaver to Josh Birkhimer
Page B20 Jon Birkholz to Charlotte Blackburn
Page B21 Dave Blackburn to Mihaly Blasko
Page B22 Franci Blaskovic to John Blum
Page B23 Markus Blum to Yuri Bogachev
Page B24 Dirk Bogaert to Brad Bolton
Page B25 Chris Bolton to Neil Boon
Page B26 Art Boone to Lasse Borup
Page B27 Rune Borup to Philip Boulding
Page B28 Ribo Behelinga Boulding to Dean Boyce
Page B29 Gerry Boyce to Sjur Braein
Page B30 Stein Inge Braekhus to Charlie Braugham
Page B31 Chuck Braugham to Alfred Brevard
Page B32 Bjorn Brevig to Tina Britt
Page B33 Andrew Brittain to George Brooks
Page B34 Gerald Brooks to Garry Brown
Page B35 Garry Brown to Graeme Browne
Page B36 Howard Browne to Ake Brushane
Page B37 Anneli Brushane to Justin Buckingham
Page B38 Katisse Buckingham to Vojtech Bunda
Page B39 Larry Bunder to Hugues Burki
Page B40 Roland Burki to Fred Buscaglione
Page B41 Peter Buscemi to Bernice Byers
Page B42 Bette Byers to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Franco Caldironi
Page C2 Lisa Caldognetto to Des Camm
Page C3 Kirstin Camm to Jean-Louis Cannaud
Page C4 Lello Cannavale to Cesar Carcopino
Page C5 Gerry Card to Doug Carmichael
Page C6 Evangeline Carmichael to Gregory Carroll
Page C7 Helen Carroll to Xavier Casal
Page C8 Jean-Yves Casala to George Castro
Page C9 Guilherme Castro to Cecile
Page C10 Nic Cecire to Ken Chalmers
Page C11 Chalmers & Rhodes to David Charles
Page C12 Denis Charles to Rob Cheramy
Page C13 Bruce Cherbit to Eliza Cho
Page C14 Meena Cho to Michael Chung
Page C15 Mikey "Mao" Chung to Bob Claque
Page C16 Clara Ward Singers to James Clay
Page C17 John Clay to Mike Coates
Page C18 Oliver Coates to Pete Colangelo
Page C19 Razvan Colanu to Mederic Collignon
Page C20 Mireille Collignon to Jim Commack
Page C21 Michiel Commandeur to Luis Conti
Page C22 Marco Conti to Mitchell Cooper
Page C23 Morrin Cooper to Daryl Cornutt
Page C24 Earl Cornwall to Mike Cottam
Page C25 Lionel Cotte to Lyle Cox
Page C26 Margie Cox to Chris Crerar
Page C27 Christina Crerar to Brian Crowther
Page C28 Tim Crowther to Stephanie Cummins
Page C29 Walter Cummins to Gabor Czcikovszky
Page C30 Graham Czech to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Bob Dahlquist
Page D2 Lasse Dahlquist to David Danel
Page D3 Guy Danel to Jean Phi Dary
Page D4 Jean-Philippe Dary to Rafael Da Vila
Page D5 Rosario Davila to Sarah Davison
Page D6 Walter Davison to Bob DeBenedette
Page D7 David Deberg to Patrick Defossez
Page D8 Herve Defrance to Theresa Delaplain
Page D9 Agathe Delaporte to David DeMaio
Page D10 Giacomo De Maio to Michael de Nola
Page D11 Bart Denolf to Jean-Claude Deschamps
Page D12 Marc Deschamps to Joe Devoe
Page D13 Tom Devoe to Magic Dick
Page D14 Oswald Dick to Patrick Dill
Page D15 Scobey Dill to Louise Di Tullio
Page D16 Louise M. Ditullio to Stefan Dohmen
Page D17 Steve Dohmen to Matt Donnici
Page D18 Frank Donnison to Jerry Douglas
Page D19 Jim Douglas to Eric Dregne
Page D20 David Dreher to Tom Duck
Page D21 Dorceal Duckens to Mac Duncan
Page D22 Matt Duncan to Holl Durniak
Page D23 Dave Durnier to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Felicidad Ector
Page E2 Hal Ector to Anni Elif Egecioglu
Page E3 Knud Egede to Yannis Ekmektsoglou
Page E4 Vesselin Vesselinov Eko to Matthew "Moppa" Elliott
Page E5 Mike Elliott to The Emotions
Page E6 Peter Empenio to Dan Erbland
Page E7 Folke Erbo to John Escreet
Page E8 Eddie Escrich to Davis Evans
Page E9 Del Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Hakan Falthin
Page F2 Craig Faltin to Rogers "The Blues Man" Farrow
Page F3 Lino Farruggia to Dieter Feichtner
Page F4 Leonardo Feidaman to Leo Ferguson
Page F5 Lindsay Ferguson to Jurgen Feskens
Page F6 Betsy Fesmire to Carl Finch
Page F7 Catrin Finch to Ingrid Fischer-Bellman
Page F8 Rudi Fischerlehner to Bert Fleers
Page F9 Bert Fleet to Alvin Flyth
Page F10 Al Flythe to Elli Fordyce
Page F11 Peter Foreher to Willie Foster
Page F12 Jane Fostin to Paul Francis
Page F13 Peter Francis to Ingrid Frauchiger
Page F14 Katrin Frauchiger to Mike French
Page F15 Patrice French to Hansjurgen Froetel
Page F16 "Toady" Frog to Milt Fuller
Page F17 Mishelle Fuller to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Robert Galbraith
Page G2 Charlie Galbreath to Tommy Gannon
Page G3 Eyal Ganor to Art Garfunkel
Page G4 Paulo Garfunkel to Kefin Gastonguay
Page G5 Moritz Gastreich to Paul Gehman
Page G6 Paul Gehmond to Werner Gepracks
Page G7 Michal Gera to Darren Gholston
Page G8 Quentin Ghomari to Dave Gilbert
Page G9 Debbie Gilbert to David Ginsberg
Page G10 Harold Ginsberg to Ben Glassman
Page G11 Brian Glassman to Eric Godwin
Page G12 Harry Godwin to Jessica Goldwin
Page G13 Ken Goldy to Dennis Good
Page G14 Don Good to S. Gorkovenko
Page G15 Elly Gorkum to Leen de Graaf
Page G16 Peer de Graaf to Dominic Grant
Page G17 Donald Grant to Lautaro Greco
Page G18 Lois Greco to Elizabeth Greenschpoon
Page G19 Bob Greenshaw to Jakubu Griffin
Page G20 Jean Griffin to Torben Gronning
Page G21 Ellen Gronningen to Raphael Gualazzi
Page G22 Sylvio Gualda to Robert Guismath
Page G23 Aliou Guisse to Bolivar Gutierrez
Page G24 Catalina Gutierrez to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Henry Hagemann
Page H2 Per Hagemann to Barry Lee Hall
Page H3 Barry Lee Hall, Jr. to Bruce Hamada
Page H4 Goji Hamada to Francesca Han
Page H5 Jesse Han to Stein Bull Hansen
Page H6 Stig Hansen to Ed Harkins
Page H7 Greg Harkins to Joe Harris
Page H8 Joe Harris to Stephen Hart
Page H9 Steven Hart to Dennis Hastings
Page H10 Jimmy Hastings to Colleen Hawks
Page H11 Mel Hawks to Geordie Healy
Page H12 Pat Healy to Jacques Heilan
Page H13 Finn Heilbo to Bill Heminway
Page H14 Heinz Hemkendreis to Ricardo Henriquez
Page H15 Henry to Bert Hermiston
Page H16 Gunther Hermkes to Walter Hessendenz
Page H17 Gerlo Hesserlink to Si Higgins
Page H18 Steve Higgins to Dick Hindman
Page H19 Richard Hindman to Milan Hlavsa
Page H20 Dave Hlebo to Tom Hoffman
Page H21 Wilbur Hoffman to Jim Hollbaugh
Page H22 Cora Hollema to Kenneth Holton
Page H23 Larry Holton to Boris Hopp
Page H24 Christian Hopp to Joe Hostetter
Page H25 Kaethe Hostetter to Charlie Howze
Page H26 Heinz Hox to Bill Hughes
Page H27 Billy Hughes to Gerry Hunt
Page H28 Gordon Hunt to Ivan Hutchinson
Page H29 Jean Hutchinson to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Hans Imhoff
Page I2 Jan Imhoff to William Irvin
Page I3 Zip Irvin to Mark Ivester
Page I4 Jack Ivett to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Danny Jacob
Page J2 Francis Jacob to Lie Jallow
Page J3 Jalmoose to Lloyd Janssen
Page J4 Mark Janssen to San Frisco Jeff
Page J5 Keith Jeffcoat to Jerry Jensen
Page J6 Jesper Jensen to Philine Jobst
Page J7 Benedikt Joch to Chet Johnson
Page J8 Chicky Johnson to Ralph Johnson
Page J9 Ralph H. Johnson to Carl Jones, Sr.
Page J10 Carlos Jones to Victor Jones
Page J11 Vince Jones to Vernell Joseph, Jr.
Page J12 Vivian Joseph to Arnd Jurgensen
Page J13 Susana Juri to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Sture Kallin
Page K2 Iipo Kallio to Adam Kaplan
Page K3 Alan Kaplan to Dave Kasik
Page K4 Serge Kasimoff to Tetsuro Kawashima
Page K5 Yasuko Kawashima to Rudolf Keiser
Page K6 Stanley Thomas Keiser to Grover Kembie
Page K7 Grover Kemble to Koit Kernumees
Page K8 Gerhard Kero to Seth Kible
Page K9 Dan Kibler to Masaya Kimura
Page K10 Michihiro Kimura to Pam Kiraly
Page K11 Tibor Kiraly to Mads Kjolby
Page K12 Hilde Kjoll to Lucia Klonner
Page K13 John Klonowski to Bo Knutsson
Page K14 Bosse Knutsson to Lise Kokholm
Page K15 Toik Kokhonen to Jauno Kopola
Page K16 Esa Koponen to Antonio Koudele
Page K17 Lukas Koudelka to Olle Krantz
Page K18 Olof Krantz to Helgi E. Kristjansson
Page K19 Kristjan Kristjansson to Tyler Kuebler
Page K20 Tyler Kuebner to John Kurbenknabe
Page K21 Karoly Kurcz to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Juan Carlos Laglere
Page L2 Hector Lagna-Fietta to Evgeni Lambrinov
Page L3 Jazzband and The Original Lambro Jazz Band to Brad Lang
Page L4 Brian Lang to Horst Laritsch
Page L5 Nick La Riviere to Marek Laszkowski
Page L6 Anna Laszlo to Ismail Lawal
Page L7 George Lawall to Howard Leathers
Page L8 Laurence Leathers to Knobby Lee
Page L9 Konstantin Lee to Pekka Lehti
Page L10 Toni Lehti to Mark Lenseling
Page L11 Marc Lenselink to Billy Lester
Page L12 Bobby Lester to Lou Levy
Page L13 Marcy Levy to Bruno Liberda
Page L14 Eugenie Liberelle to Jun Lin
Page L15 Ka Cheong Lin to Tony Linford
Page L16 Brian Ling to Martin Litton
Page L17 Alex Littorin to Franz Loeffler
Page L18 Joselito Loeffler to Freddie Lonzo
Page L19 Betty Loo to Aka Lou
Page L20 Becky Lou to Zack Lozier
Page L21 Waclaw Lozinski to Sergio Lulli
Page L22 Joe Lulloff to Sons Luypars
Page L23 Erik van der Luyt to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Ted Mack
Page M2 Tommy Mack to Denis Maffli
Page M3 Mafia to Katja Mair
Page M4 Peter Mair to Gudrun Mallinger
Page M5 Josef Mallinger to Arthur Mangor
Page M6 Christophe Mangou to Eddie Mapp
Page M7 Gary Mapp to Ira Maria
Page M8 Jose Maria to Gene Marlow
Page M9 Jack Marlow to Jakob Marstrand
Page M10 Mathias Marstrander to Alvaro Martinez
Page M11 Amaldo Martinez to Guilio Masella
Page M12 Pascal Maselon to Acka Matern
Page M13 Pete Matern to John Matthews
Page M14 Kaffe Matthews to Eugene Maye
Page M15 Jean Maye to Leon McAuliffe
Page M16 Marie McAuliffe to Kerry McCoy
Page M17 Larry McCoy to Will McFarlane
Page M18 Zara McFarlane to Earl McKee
Page M19 Ed McKee to Jim McMillen
Page M20 Mark McMillen to Ivo Medic
Page M21 Nagavalli Medicharia to Lew Mele
Page M22 Michele Mele to Kwakuh A. Mensah
Page M23 Paapa J. Mensah to Samuel Messerli
Page M24 Karla Messerlie to The Miami Strings
Page M25 Pietro Mianiti to Segundo Mijares
Page M26 Segundo Mijarez to Jack Miller
Page M27 Jackie Miller to Roger Milton
Page M28 Roy Milton to Austin Miskell
Page M29 Neil Miskey to Raph Mizraki
Page M30 Raphael Mizraki to Ole Molgaard
Page M31 Rikke Molgaard to Brian Monroney
Page M32 Cyril Monrose to Donald Willard Moore
Page M33 Donovan Moore to Fernando Moreira
Page M34 Geraldo Moreira to Miles Kei Morishita
Page M35 Shigeru Morishita to John Wellejus Mortensen
Page M36 Kai Mortensen to Dirk Moulaert
Page M37 Georges Moulaison to Herman "Teddy" Mulet
Page M38 Onel Mulet to Ronnie Munro
Page M39 Scott Munro to Wolfgang Musil
Page M40 Michael Musillami to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Nate Nall
Page N2 Kim Nalley to Raul Naverrette
Page N3 Sergey Navikov to Dean Nelson
Page N4 Dennis Nelson to Eric Neuveu
Page N5 Bobby Neuwirth to George Nichols
Page N6 Gerry Nichols to Steve Nieve
Page N7 Derek Nievergelt to No Knox :
Page N8 No-Sleep-Nigel to Gosta Norell
Page N9 Fredrik Noren to Don Novy
Page N10 Jan Novy to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Dewayne Oakley
Page O2 Dick Oakley to Hideki Ogiwara
Page O3 Kenji Ogiya to Per Gade Olesen
Page O4 Peter Olesen to Jonathan Olstein
Page O5 Adam Olszewski to Jeno Orlay-Obendorfer
Page O6 Carl Orlech to Johan Ostby
Page O7 Mark Osteen to Are Ovesen
Page O8 Ole Hommel Ovesen to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Vladimir Paisan
Page P2 Simon Paiser to Steve Pancerev
Page P3 Nina Pancevsk to Bernardo Parilla
Page P4 Joe Parillo to Edgardo Parraguez
Page P5 Veronica Parrales to Justin Paterson
Page P6 Kim Paterson to Jorgue Luis Torres Paumier (Papiosco)
Page P7 Bobby Paunetto to Andy Peate
Page P8 Alf Peaters to Olivier Pellet
Page P9 Roland Pellet to Fabiano Pereira
Page P10 Fede Pereira to George Perrin
Page P11 Gilles Perrin to Moodi Peters
Page P12 Natalie Peters to Philippe Petrucciani
Page P13 Tony Petrucciani to Devin Phillips
Page P14 Dickie Phillips to Jack Pierce
Page P15 Jack Pierce to Andrea Pinna
Page P16 Enrico Pinna to Edgar Plaes
Page P17 Torsten Plagenz to Hartwig Pohner
Page P18 Robert Poholek to A. Ponomarev
Page P19 Anton Ponomarev to Mario Porto
Page P20 Thelmo Porto to Vic Powell
Page P21 Walter Powell to G. Prevost
Page P22 Gerard Prevost to Rudy Pronk
Page P23 Ruud Pronk to Shawn Purcell
Page P24 Simon Purcell to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Frank Rago
Page R2 Jackie Rago to Jose Carlos "Bigorna" Ramos
Page R3 Josh Ramos to Maeisha Rashad
Page R4 Hal Rasheed to Vicki Ray
Page R5 Wade Ray to Cassandra Reed
Page R6 Chris Reed to Kip Reid
Page R7 Kit Reid to Estelle Renaud
Page R8 Guilaine Renaud to James Reynolds
Page R9 Jamie Reynolds to Jean Richard
Page R10 Jean Charles Richard to Jan Ridd
Page R11 Tommy Ridde to Dave Rinaldo
Page R12 Doug Rinaldo to Kurtis Rivers
Page R13 Mavis Rivers to Andrew "Jock" Robertson
Page R14 Angie Robertson to Alexandrea Robson
Page R15 Andrew Robson to Muis Manuel Manolito Rodriguez
Page R16 Nayeli Rodriguez to Marianella Rojas
Page R17 Miguel Rojas to Antoine Roney
Page R18 Barbara Roney to Jonah Rosenberg
Page R19 Kaatchie Rosenberg to Andre Rossier
Page R20 Guillaume Rossier to L. Rowe
Page R21 Monk Rowe to Claudio Rudolf
Page R22 Marie Fatima Rudolf to Eddie Russell
Page R23 Eevelyn Russell to Art Ryerson
Page R24 Artie Ryerson to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Gabriel Saientz
Page S2 Laurent Saiet to Melvin Salomon
Page S3 Michel Salomon to Algiers Church of God Sanctuary Choir
Page S4 Bo Sand to Dave Santana
Page S5 Gileno Santana to Ken Sasamura
Page S6 Masaaki Sasano to Fred "El Pulpo" Savinen
Page S7 Stefano Savini to Kurt Schaefer
Page S8 Reinhard Schaefer to Christian Scheuber
Page S9 Kristian Scheuber to Camille Schmidt
Page S10 Carol Schmidt to Bernd Schoenhart
Page S11 H.U. Schoenholzer to Roel Schuit
Page S12 Andreas Schuld to Silvia Schwarzenbach
Page S13 Eitel Schwarzer to William "Chieftie" Scott
Page S14 William J. Scott to Karl Seglem
Page S15 Linn Segolson to Andy Senesi
Page S16 Federico Senesi to Gary Sexton
Page S17 James Sexton to Dean Sharp
Page S18 Doc Sharp to Roey Shemesh
Page S19 Zachary Shemon to Eriko Shimuzu
Page S20 Takehiro Shimuzu to Mark Shulman
Page S21 Matt Shulman to Alfie Silas-Durio
Page S22 Eve Silber to Jeff Simms
Page S23 Jimmy Simms to Judi Singh
Page S24 Kamalbir Singh to Jack Skiles
Page S25 Jim Skiles to Maynard Sloate
Page S26 Andrew Sloberg to Chris Smith
Page S27 Chris Smith to Mike Smith
Page S28 Mike Smith to Frank Snow
Page S29 Hattie Snow to Hendrik Soll
Page S30 Tony Soll to Adam Sorenson
Page S31 Claus Sorenson to Joe Spargo
Page S32 Pete Spargo to Norman Spiller
Page S33 Norman Spiller to Eddie Stack
Page S34 Jim Stack to Charles Star
Page S35 Dark Star to Ted Steffins
Page S36 Sam Steffke to Masha Stepina
Page S37 Dan Stepner to Parkes Stewart
Page S38 Pat Stewart to Paul Stoltze
Page S39 Lucy Stoltzman to Tim Stratioti
Page S40 Sakis Stratopoulos to Dave Stryker
Page S41 Don Stryker to Hiroshi Sugano
Page S42 Koichiro Sugano to Clark Suprynowicz
Page S43 Ade Supusepa to Roland Svensson
Page S44 Rolf Svensson to Berlin Symphony Orchestra
Page S45 Sylvia Syms to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Joe Talia
Page T2 Henry Taliaferro to Jack Tartar
Page T3 Tarteboule to Lloyd Taylor
Page T4 Lon Taylor to Jim Templin
Page T5 Lutz Templin to Sylvia Texlor
Page T6 Ron Textor to Deborah Thomas
Page T7 Del Thomas to George Thompson
Page T8 Glen Thompson to The Three Riffs
Page T9 Three Singers to Liuh Wen Ting
Page T10 Liuh-Wen Ting to Skeets Tolbert
Page T11 Eddie Tolck to Keiji Toriyama
Page T12 Take Toriyama to Yasushi Toyoshima
Page T13 Sabu Toyozumi to David Trigg
Page T14 Ron Trigg to James Tryon
Page T15 Jesse Tryon to Armond Turiello
Page T16 Isaac Turienzo to Lillian Tynes Perry
Page T17 Pekka Tyni to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Alpay Unyaylar
Page U2 Angel Unzu to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Bruno Valle
Page V2 Celine Valle to Henry Vanek
Page V3 Lukas Vanek to Greg Variotta
Page V4 Francis Varis to Henk de Velde
Page V5 Ole Morten Velde to Pavel Verner
Page V6 Gilbert Vernerey to Sonny Vierra
Page V7 Vida Vierra to John Vinter
Page V8 Morten Vinther to Marius Vogtli
Page V9 Jan Zum Vohrde to ... Vredenburgh
Page V10 Youth Choir of the Vredeskerk, Tilburg to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Nathaniel Walcott
Page W2 E. Walczak to Bo Wallbom
Page W3 Mike Wallbridge to Claes Wang
Page W4 Ellen Andrea Wang to Evona Wascinski
Page W5 Christian Wasdaris to Bill Watson
Page W6 Bill Watson to Andrew Lloyd Webber
Page W7 Anna Webber to Bastian Weinhold
Page W8 Nils Weinhold to Orlando Wells
Page W9 Paul Wells to Tom West
Page W10 Tommy West to Toby Whitaker
Page W11 Dennis Whitbread to Barry Whitmore
Page W12 Bill Whitmore to Waldo van Wijk
Page W13 Christer Wijkstrom to Stefan Willems
Page W14 Thierry Willems to Kae Williams, Jr.
Page W15 Kahlil Williams to Reggie Willis
Page W16 Rohan Willis to Wilson & McClelland
Page W17 Sherry Wilson Butler to Vreni Wipf
Page W18 Ruth Wipfli to Sybille Wolf
Page W19 Sydoney Wolf to Brother William Woodman
Page W20 Jean Woodman to Clayton Wright
Page W21 Clyde Wright to Adrian Wyss
Page W22 Franz Wyss to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Chauncey Yearwood
Page Y2 Sam Yearwood to Eddy Young
Page Y3 Edgar Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Malika Zarra
Page Z2 George Zarras to Reinhard Ziegerhofer
Page Z3 Alexandra Ziegler to Jasmin Zoranic
Page Z4 Mauricio Zoratelli to Doc Zywan

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