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This index refers to the 536,788 individual tune titles (1,605,284 total entries) included in over 245,473 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Aberhonddu
Page A2 Aberinan y Aberisun to Absorbing
Page A3 Absorption to Aces shuffle
Page A4 Aces wild to Act two
Page A5 Act two stampede of slaves to ADDR
Page A6 Address to adventures of Hasso Sigbjornson
Page A7 adventures of Hector and Jose to Africadeus
Page A8 Africagiado en si mismo to Afrodite
Page A9 Afroditi to After this excitement
Page A10 After this message to Agitar
Page A11 AgitarThe victimImprovisationOklahoma to Ahwoo ahwoo to you
Page A12 Ahzan to Aint that nothin
Page A13 Aint that nothing to Aka to kuro
Page A14 Aka tombo to Alamo suite
Page A15 Alamode to Alem mares
Page A16 Alemame Samori to Aligator crawl
Page A17 Alight ID to All I sing is blues
Page A18 All I touch to All that wine is gone
Page A19 All that you have to Allamdynam
Page A20 allAmerican rhythm section to Alma deses perada
Page A21 Alma do nagual to Alopekis
Page A22 Alorah to Alto max
Page A23 Alto melody to Amadeus suite
Page A24 Amadina to Amendment 5
Page A25 Amends to Amor incondicional
Page A26 Amor infinito bons amigos to An die muden menschen des abendlandes
Page A27 An die music D547 op 88 no 4 to Anaid
Page A28 Anais to and he is in and of me
Page A29 And he jumped for the track to And there she was lovely as ever
Page A30 And there they went to Angel Babik
Page A31 Angel baby to Anima e core
Page A32 Anima IXIV to Announcement by JP Dubois
Page A33 Announcement by Leonard Feather to Another roadside attraction
Page A34 Another romantic one to Antigua
Page A35 Antigua blue to Anywhere you say
Page A36 Anywheres paradise to Apple orchard and the worm
Page A37 Apple pie to Aquella tarde
Page A38 Aquellas cartas to architects lament
Page A39 Architectural to Aria terra cigua e piaco
Page A40 Aria trio to Around in three
Page A41 Around Kodalys world to Arthur Marshall Artie Matthews James Scott
Page A42 Arthur Murray combo to As long as youre in my arms
Page A43 As long as youre living to Ashes to ashes
Page A44 Ashfall to Assurance
Page A45 Assured expectation to At the Cafe Central
Page A46 At the Cafe Centrale to AtmaToday
Page A47 AtmaTomorrow to Au trosieme coup amenezvous
Page A48 Au trot to Augustan club
Page A49 Augustan Club waltz to Autrement dit
Page A50 Autres directions to Avec relais
Page A51 Avec repere to Axis of good
Page A52 Axis of hope to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby Buba
Page B2 Baby Buhl to Babys bossa
Page B3 Babys breath to Back off
Page B4 Back on doubletrack to Backwood progression
Page B5 Backwood theme to Bagatelle no 9
Page B6 Bagatelle opus 6 no 1 to Bakin
Page B7 Bakinau song to Ballad A
Page B8 Ballad a Leo to ballad of Dean Mellberg
Page B9 Ballad of deception to Balladi
Page B10 Balladi 1 to Banana plantation
Page B11 Banana pudding to Bar and grill blues
Page B12 Bar B Q to Baritone landscape
Page B13 Baritone rhapsody to Basculement du desir
Page B14 Base to Bass sonata
Page B15 Bass song to Battle bass
Page B16 Battle circle to Be back shortly
Page B17 Be back soon to Beans place
Page B18 Beans talk to Beautiful girls
Page B19 beautiful girls of Berlin to Because no one told them to
Page B20 because of to Beethovens piano sonata no 8 pathetique
Page B21 Beethovens sjua to Behind the chords
Page B22 Behind the closed door to Bell of freedom
Page B23 Bell of my soul tribute to Peter Eotvos to Bend a little my way
Page B24 Bend down and touch me to Bergen Road
Page B25 Bergen Street to Best friend
Page B26 Best friend blues to Between dreams
Page B27 Between earth & mars to Bflat swing
Page B28 Bflat thing to Big bear train
Page B29 Big bears to Big Jims ol time blues
Page B30 Big Jims twins to Bigger than life
Page B31 Bigger than Texas to Billys bridge
Page B32 Billys bubble to Birdburger
Page B33 birdcage to Bisonette
Page B34 Bisos to black ark
Page B35 Black arm & blackcharge to Black mysticism
Page B36 Black myth to Blackwood
Page B37 Blackwood boogie to blessed sleep of the ignorant
Page B38 Blessed unrest to blood at the back of the harp
Page B39 Blood at the root to Blubop
Page B40 Bluchanga to Blue divine
Page B41 Blue Dizzy to Blue line and sinker
Page B42 Blue line shuffle to Blue schmoo
Page B43 Blue Schuman to Bluegreenyellow
Page B44 Bluehawk to blues chronicles
Page B45 Blues circle to Blues for Bibs
Page B46 Blues for big band to Blues for Giulia
Page B47 Blues for Giuseppino to Blues for Michel
Page B48 Blues for Michel Petrucciani to Blues for Sunday
Page B49 Blues for Sunny Jain to blues has got me
Page B50 Blues have been good to me to Blues march
Page B51 Blues march for Europe No 1 to Blues tango
Page B52 Blues Tell me the truth to Blus
Page B53 Blus for Louis to Boby en sibibi
Page B54 Boca to Bolecha
Page B55 Bolee to Bongo dance
Page B56 Bongo fever to Boogie for my friends
Page B57 Boogie for Philippe to Bookend
Page B58 Bookend theme to Boppin with Alban
Page B59 Boppin with Bob to Bossa anonima
Page B60 Bossa Antigua to Bottled
Page B61 Bottled in to Bova blaua
Page B62 Boven alle verdenking verheven to Bradleys
Page B63 Bradleys 2 AM to Bravery
Page B64 Braverys consequence to Breaking the water
Page B65 Breaking the wave to Brick pennies
Page B66 Brick steps to Brincando com Theo
Page B67 Brincando de amor to Broken dreams
Page B68 Broken dreams of you to Brother Karls blues
Page B69 Brother keeper to Bruni
Page B70 Brunies blues to Bucks bon voyage blues
Page B71 Bucks boogie woogie to Buggy
Page B72 Buggy and soul to Bumpin
Page B73 Bumpin in LA to Burning on the midnight lamp
Page B74 Burning passion to But he meant mambo
Page B75 But he wasnt alright to Buzzin round
Page B76 Buzzin round with the bee to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadence dun geste
Page C2 Cadence en forme dune baleine to Calamar
Page C3 Calamari to Call of the freaks
Page C4 Call of the Gator to Calypsos smile
Page C5 Calypsoscope to Can I get some help
Page C6 Can I get that funk to Candle in the temple
Page C7 candle is sweeter than fire to Cant live without
Page C8 Cant live without him anymore to Cantus planus tribus
Page C9 Cantus reprise to Captain Crunch
Page C10 Captain daylight to Cargo area
Page C11 Cargo Cafe to Caro mio Ben
Page C12 Caro MozartSymphony no40 K550 1st Mov to Carver Club special
Page C13 Carvin the Bird to Castro Marin
Page C14 Castros to Catrina
Page C15 Catrionas to CD33 Untitled
Page C16 CD34 Untitled to Cello fane
Page C17 Cello for cello twins to certain kind of basement disco
Page C18 certain kind of dream to Chabrolle
Page C19 Chaca to Chanchita
Page C20 Chanchos to Chant 5
Page C21 Chant 7 to Charles Earland intro
Page C22 Charles Ellsworth stomp to Chasing after love
Page C23 Chasing after midnight to Cheeks of sorry grain
Page C24 Cheeky to Chetadananda
Page C25 Chetanananda to Chicken B
Page C26 Chicken back to Children of the ghetto
Page C27 Children of the glacier to Chinese lamp
Page C28 Chinese lantern to Chonk Charlie Chonk
Page C29 Chonkar Mintch to Choro porteno
Page C30 Choro pour Simone to Christy
Page C31 Christy blues to Cicada in red
Page C32 cicada of Chicago to Cintura fina
Page C33 Cinturita to Cities & the sky
Page C34 Cities and desire to CLAP
Page C35 Clap canyon Nie gesehen to Clazz
Page C36 CLB to Clinics workshops and band camps
Page C37 Clinique Sim Duong to Cloud shine
Page C38 Cloud song for Zina to Coastin
Page C39 Coastin along to Coffee and thunderstorm
Page C40 Coffee and TV to Colibri
Page C41 Colibri 65 to Colors of Red Island
Page C42 Colors of Siena to Come get it
Page C43 Come get me to Comfort in catastrophe
Page C44 Comfort in suffering to Communion structures no 2
Page C45 Communion structures no 20 to Composition 199
Page C46 Composition 2 to Composition VIII
Page C47 Composition with colour to Concerto for trumpet
Page C48 Concerto for trumpet and orchestra to Configuration
Page C49 Configuration C to Considering the snail
Page C50 Considerings to Contractions welcome
Page C51 Contractors blues to Cookin at the cookery
Page C52 Cookin at The Corner to Copasetic
Page C53 Copasetic boogie to Corners
Page C54 Corners of my mind to Cosmic serpent
Page C55 Cosmic ship to Count to two
Page C56 Count twelve to cousin of Martin Scorcese
Page C57 Cousin of mine to Crank of Cam Bay
Page C58 Crankcase to creator
Page C59 creator guides us to Crises
Page C60 Crisis to Croton Drive
Page C61 Crotona park to Crying with the wolves in the wood
Page C62 Crying wont help me to Cubop alert
Page C63 Cubop city to Curly curt
Page C64 Curly headed baby to Cyclogenesis
Page C65 Cycloids to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddys girl Cynthia
Page D2 Daddys gonna miss you to Damage mobility
Page D3 Damage mobility acoustic to Dance of beauty
Page D4 Dance of brides to Dance with Aleta
Page D5 Dance with angels to Dancing to the drum of no conscience
Page D6 Dancing to the light to Dans ses yeux
Page D7 Dans slow jam to Dare devil
Page D8 Dare devil dance to Darker brighter
Page D9 Darker brother I too sing to Das verliebte Tanzorchester
Page D10 Das verschwinden des chinesen im lanker see to Dawn sounds
Page D11 Dawn star to days of guns and roses
Page D12 Days of happiness to De nous a Lee
Page D13 De novo to Dear cowboy
Page D14 Dear DalaiLama to Debora suite 3
Page D15 Debora suite no 3 to Dedicated to my parents
Page D16 Dedicated to Natalie Cole to Deep space
Page D17 Deep space dance to Delaneys delight
Page D18 Delante del fuego to Demolian mode
Page D19 Demolition to Departures
Page D20 Depassement de laccumulation silencieuse to Der totentanz
Page D21 Der tourist to Desecration
Page D22 Desecretion rag to destroyed machine blues
Page D23 destroyed room to Devil gonna get you
Page D24 Devil got my woman to Diagonal people
Page D25 Diagonales to Did anyone call
Page D26 Did anyone ever tell you to Die Moorsoldaten
Page D27 Die Morgenfeier to Dig this menu please
Page D28 Dig this samba to Ding dong ding
Page D29 Ding dong merrily on high to Dirty work can be clean fun
Page D30 Dirty work goin on to Disponibilidade para os delirios
Page D31 Disposable consumption pt 1 to divine light
Page D32 Divine love to Djibouti
Page D33 Djidji up to Do us a favor
Page D34 Do ut dem to Doctor Monk
Page D35 Doctor moon to Doin my time
Page D36 Doin nothing to Domingo sincopado
Page D37 Domingos y sabados to Dont be a stranger
Page D38 Dont be a talkie to Dont get sad
Page D39 Dont get salty Sugar to Dont question Mark
Page D40 Dont quibble Sybil to Dont you dare to strike me again
Page D41 Dont you do it to Dorian rock pile
Page D42 Dorian spring to Double phase
Page D43 double planet to Down easy
Page D44 Down easy under to downtown strutters ball
Page D45 Downtown talk to Dragons are
Page D46 Dragons blues to Dream R
Page D47 Dream R intro to Dreamwalking
Page D48 Dreamware to Drivin in
Page D49 Drivin into a donut hole to Drum message
Page D50 Drum millenium to Ds T
Page D51 Ds vamp to Dudelia
Page D52 Dudelsack parade to Dukvi
Page D53 Dulan to Duree 11 cello electronics
Page D54 Duree 12 cello electronics to Dyou think we should
Page D55 Dyptich to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early exit
Page E2 Early fall to East coast attitude
Page E3 East coast blues to Easy melody
Page E4 Easy mind to echo of love
Page E5 Echo of my deram to Edgar steps out
Page E6 Edgar the butler to EgbertoMaraga
Page E7 Egdon Heath to Ein fenster aus regen
Page E8 Ein feste burg to El amanecer
Page E9 El amanecide to El hip
Page E10 El hit to El sonido
Page E11 El sonido del alma to Electric silence
Page E12 Electric slide to Elephants dream
Page E13 Elephants eye to Ellington composition
Page E14 Ellington echoes to Emblem
Page E15 Emblem of glory to Emprise ferroviaire
Page E16 Emprovisation to En mi pecho
Page E17 En minas gerais to End of a dynasty
Page E18 End of a great affair to England
Page E19 England descending to Entrada 1
Page E20 Entrada 2 to Episode from a village dance
Page E21 Episode from the music game to Erikas song
Page E22 Erikita to Escape from oblivion
Page E23 Escape from the big house to Essence of silence
Page E24 Essence of Sophisticated ladySophisticated lady to Etat de realite non ordinaire no 40377B
Page E25 Etat durgence to Etude for Ricky W
Page E26 Etude for saxophone to Evalina
Page E27 Evalina Coffey to Ever since I stole the blues
Page E28 Ever since my babys been gone to Everybody works but father To Frenchie
Page E29 Everybodys blues to Everytime we say goodbyde
Page E30 Everytime we say goodbye to Excelsior Bay fireworks
Page E31 Excelsior in a dream to Expectin my acceptance
Page E32 Expecting to Extrovertical
Page E33 Extrucage to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Factoryville
Page F2 Factotum to Falaise
Page F3 Falaises to family of love
Page F4 family of man to Fantastic increments
Page F5 Fantastic mood to Farewell to oboes
Page F6 Farewell to old friends to Fat Bach and greens
Page F7 Fat back and corn liquor to Favole
Page F8 Favor to Feel real easy earth
Page F9 Feel so bad to Fellini farm team
Page F10 Fellini peplum to Feuer und flamme
Page F11 Feuer von Gibraltar to Fife blues
Page F12 Fife in the living room to Fillmore Street blues
Page F13 Filly mood to Fine four
Page F14 Fine grains of sand to Fire water
Page F15 Fire weaver to First movement Larghissimo
Page F16 First movement Ode to GT to fishin pond
Page F17 Fishin the blues to Five step
Page F18 Five steps to Flashing smile
Page F19 Flashing sticks to flight of birds
Page F20 Flight of Boaz to flop
Page F21 Flop flop to Floyds classic blues
Page F22 Floyds got spunk to Flyin blind
Page F23 Flyin boogie to Folanco
Page F24 Folayan to Food for two
Page F25 Food foragers to For Angela Mia
Page F26 For Ann Version 1 to For Georg Krolls birthday
Page F27 For George to For my aunt
Page F28 For my baby to For the love of money
Page F29 For the love of my father to Foreground
Page F30 Foreground behind to Forgotten tales suite
Page F31 Forgotten thought to Foster wives trophy hair
Page F32 Fosterdrommar to Four some
Page F33 Four songs to Fractus
Page F34 Fradela to Frankly
Page F35 Frankly my dear to Free ballad
Page F36 Free ballad 1 to Freedmantown
Page F37 Freedmantown interlude to French West Indies
Page F38 French windows to Friendly wave
Page F39 Friends to From boogie to funk
Page F40 From bop to bottom to From the shelves
Page F41 From the silence to FUBB 435 PLO 4
Page F42 FuBu to Full moon over the Mediterranean
Page F43 Full moon rising to Funk in Spain
Page F44 Funk in the deep freeze to Funkytally
Page F45 Funkytoon to Fusionized fish
Page F46 Fusionmeringue to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallant hearts
Page G2 Gallant men to Garbarero
Page G3 Garbato con sordina to Gates of Baghdad
Page G4 gates of Dafos to Gee I wish I had someone to rock me in the Cradle of love
Page G5 Gee I wish you were my sweetheart to Genine
Page G6 Genius to Georgiana
Page G7 Georgiana ) to Get loose
Page G8 Get lost to Getting ready
Page G9 Getting ready for love to Giant crabs
Page G10 Giant deconstruction to Gina with the smiling face
Page G11 Ginair to girl with the brown hair
Page G12 girl with the concrete tongue to Give me that old slow drag
Page G13 Give me that old time religion to Glasses n ashes n bottles n cans
Page G14 glasshearted queen to glow twist
Page G15 Glow with the flow to Go souk
Page G16 Go south to Godspeed Titanic
Page G17 Godspel mecanique to Gold coaster
Page G18 Gold coffee to Gone
Page G19 Gone 3 days to Good good lovin
Page G20 Good good loving to Good will
Page G21 Good will in the wind to Goooold
Page G22 Goopa nut to Got you before my eyes
Page G23 Got you begging to Graffitti from a ninthcentury manuscript
Page G24 Grafica to Grape stone
Page G25 grape vine to Great encounter
Page G26 great enthusiasms to Green lanes
Page G27 Green leaf to Grey day in Balham
Page G28 Grey days to Groove shostakovich
Page G29 Groove so heavy to GRS
Page G30 Gruaud Larose to Guest room
Page G31 Guests are coming to Gunslinging birds
Page G32 Gunsmoke to Gypsy tearoom
Page G33 gypsy told me to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hail to the redskins
Page H2 Hail to the spirit of freedom to Hallejujah
Page H3 Halleloyall to Hamsatashr
Page H4 Hamsin to Hank dog
Page H5 Hank en stank to Happy funk
Page H6 Happy funky to Hard evolution
Page H7 Hard farmer to Harlems ros
Page H8 Harlems way to Has anybody seen my kitty
Page H9 Has anybody seen my man to Have a little faith in me
Page H10 Have a little heart to Hayrigis orore
Page H11 Hays hark nviranats ukhti to Head games
Page H12 Head gear to Heart of glass
Page H13 Heart of gold to Heavy droplets
Page H14 Heavy drumpets to Held by water
Page H15 Held for questioning to Hello your quietness
Page H16 Hellogoodbye song to Her manic manner moods
Page H17 Her melancholy piano to Here today here tomorrow
Page H18 Here tomorrow to Hes got plenty on the ball
Page H19 Hes got riddum to Hey let the sin juice flow
Page H20 Hey lets twist to Hidden history
Page H21 Hidden horizon to High side of lowdown
Page H22 High sidewalk to Himalaya
Page H23 Himalayan to His arms of love
Page H24 His bass and him to Hmph
Page H25 HMS Surprise to Hold on to your chair watch out for snakes
Page H26 Hold on to your chair watch out for snakes frobisher 1339 + poem NIGHT MONEY two Pekinese and an apricot equals seven poodles and a two year old girl named Baby to Holy night
Page H27 holy one to Homenangem
Page H28 Homeopathy to Honeypunk
Page H29 Honeys lovin arms to Hope no 2
Page H30 Hope not rewarded to Hors bois
Page H31 Hors cage to Hot peanuts
Page H32 Hot peas & butter to house of Brooklyn
Page H33 House of cads to How deep how high
Page H34 How deep is the ocan to How to deal with it
Page H35 How to dice an onion to Huge knees
Page H36 Huge moon to Humus petrifolieux
Page H37 Humus the life exploring force to Husk little baby
Page H38 Husk when time to Hymn to Spike
Page H39 Hymn to spring to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I believe the sun is gonna shine
Page I2 I believe theres gonna be a flood to I cant see you now
Page I3 I cant see your house from here to I dont be jiving
Page I4 I dont believe to I Entrance
Page I5 I envy to I got more sense than that
Page I6 I got music on my mind to I havnt changed a thing
Page I7 I He holds your hand to I know the Lord will make a way
Page I8 I know the meaning to I love no one but you
Page I9 I love NY to I need my baby
Page I10 I need one more chance to I remember jsl
Page I11 I remember Julie to I still call Austalia home
Page I12 I still call Australia home to I wanna be wooed
Page I13 I wanna be your baby to I was here when you left me
Page I14 I was hoping to I wont say I will
Page I15 I wont say I will but I wont to Ich bin ein Berliner kind
Page I16 Ich bin ein Farbiger to Id rather sleep in a hollow log
Page I17 Id rather stay in bed to If I dont get to heaven
Page I18 If I dont get well no more to If she still remembers me
Page I19 If she walked into my life to If you really want
Page I20 If you remember to II The lower east side
Page I21 II The obliquous express to Il giorno del santo
Page I22 Il giorno dopo il 9 aprille to Ill ask my heart
Page I23 Ill ask you one more time to Ill remember Olga
Page I24 Ill remember Paris to Im a melody man
Page I25 Im a midnight mover to Im goin out if Lizzie comes in
Page I26 Im goin out tonight and strut my stuff to Im just a beggar
Page I27 Im just a boy in love to Im really gonna miss you
Page I28 Im RedHot from Harlem to Im working diggin deeper every day
Page I29 Im working on it right now to Impenan
Page I30 Impending to Improscopics 5
Page I31 Improstinato I to Improvised rag
Page I32 Improvised raga to In a state of undress
Page I33 In a station to In gamba
Page I34 In gasping death to In one moment
Page I35 In one moment eternity to In the cathedral
Page I36 In the cave to In the owl saloon
Page I37 In the ozone to In which all may have been revealed
Page I38 In which Pooh goes visiting and gets into a tight place to Independence blues
Page I39 Independence day to Inextinguishable
Page I40 Inextricable to Inland route
Page I41 Inlaws are outlaws to insect God
Page I42 Insect invasion to Instrumental gospel IV
Page I43 Instrumental gospel V to Interlude V2
Page I44 Interlude V4 to Interviewed
Page I45 Interviewed by Leonard Feather to Intro IV
Page I46 Intro Jackie to Introduction to people
Page I47 Introduction to Polly to Invisible island
Page I48 Invisible kingdom to Irish washerwoman
Page I49 Irish whiskey to Is there anyone there
Page I50 Is there anyone up there to Isnt love the strangest thing
Page I51 Isnt mine to It had to be
Page I52 It had to be Bird to It was fate when I first met you
Page I53 It was good while it lasted to Its a mans world
Page I54 Its a marshmallow world to Its hard to but we do
Page I55 Its hard to explain to Its so blue
Page I56 Its so clear to me to Ivan BolenIvan isk krank
Page I57 Ivan Cankar to Ive gotta feelin
Page I58 Ive gotta find love to I�m wild about that thing


Page J1 J to Jackson street beat
Page J2 Jacksong to Jake what a snake
Page J3 Jakes blues to Jamna
Page J4 Jamna II to Jasons judgement
Page J5 JASP to Jazz gigue
Page J6 Jazz girls to Jazzin’ babies blues
Page J7 Jazzis to Jealous of my shadow
Page J8 Jealous passion to jellyman
Page J9 Jellymeat blues to Jesus keeps me singing
Page J10 Jesus knows to Jimi meets Miles
Page J11 Jimi Quoshi to Jo ci powiadala
Page J12 JO complete to Johannes Bauer solo
Page J13 Johannes Evangelium kvarter og terser og slike ting to Joints and tendons
Page J14 Joisey boys shuffle to JosephJoseph
Page J15 Josephs bells to Joyces boogie
Page J16 Joyces choice to Jugetty
Page J17 Juggernaut to Jump up
Page J18 Jump up Josie to Jungle cry
Page J19 Jungle D to Just a heartbeat away
Page J20 Just a hint to Just east of Shannon
Page J21 Just easy to Just plain hurt
Page J22 Just plain Johnnie to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kaleidophon
Page K2 Kaleidophone to Kansas City stomp
Page K3 Kansas City stomps to Kashimier
Page K4 Kashina to KCH1
Page K5 KCH5 to Keeper of keys
Page K6 Keeper of my heart to Kepas J
Page K7 Kepler to Kicho
Page K8 Kici borzolok to Kimbara pa nico
Page K9 Kimberley trumpet to King of the second line
Page K10 King of the sun to Kiss me my darling
Page K11 Kiss me my fool to Klarinettstycke I
Page K12 Klarnet solo to Knock back knocked forward
Page K13 Knock code 3 to Kokoros blues
Page K14 Kokos cando blues to Koobism
Page K15 Koocool to Kratos & Bia
Page K16 Krattskogslada to Kumbaken
Page K17 Kumbasora to Kyrie resounded D
Page K18 Kyrie resounded E to KZ


Page L1 L to La carunabaru
Page L2 La casa to La danza di venere
Page L3 La danza di Zoe to La grande mer
Page L4 La grande mort to La memoire de leau
Page L5 la memoire de Michel to La plaine
Page L6 La plainte to La sorciere
Page L7 La sorciere amoureuse to La virgin de la Macarena
Page L8 La virtu temporal to Lady Dee
Page L9 Lady Delay to Lagunas blue piano
Page L10 Lagune to Lament for Dairmid
Page L11 Lament for David to Landho
Page L12 Landi 39 3 minuten modetheater 1 to Larco
Page L13 Lard pot to Last call from the stars
Page L14 Last call in a bebop bar where a DolphyBooker Little cover band plays heard from the toilet to last straw
Page L15 Last stroke to Later gonzo
Page L16 Later is too late to Laughing in rhythm
Page L17 Laughing in the house to Laying beside you
Page L18 Laying eggs to Le causse de Quercy
Page L19 Le cavalier des nuages to Le grenadier de Flandres
Page L20 Le grillon parlant to Le phasme
Page L21 Le photographe to Le temps dun reve
Page L22 Le temps dune chanson to Learning to be lonely
Page L23 Learning to count to Leeres Bett
Page L24 Lees April to Leleo
Page L25 Lelephant to Leopards boulevard
Page L26 Leopardskin pillbox hat to Les flots du Danube
Page L27 Les flots du Danuble to Les trapezes
Page L28 Les travees basses des facades to Let me be the first to kiss you good morning
Page L29 Let me be the first to kiss you good morning and the last to kiss you goodnight to Letizia
Page L30 Letkajenka to Lets not and say we did
Page L31 Lets not chat about despair to Levee low moan
Page L32 levee lowdown to Liberotango
Page L33 Liberta subito to Life I choose
Page L34 life I lead to Light & fire
Page L35 Light & sound to Ligurian sea
Page L36 Ligus to Like yours
Page L37 Like Zoot to Limits in movement
Page L38 limits of communication to Link 1
Page L39 Link 2 to Listen to the goats
Page L40 Listen to the grass grow to Little boy blow
Page L41 Little boy blue to Little head
Page L42 little healing to Little people
Page L43 Little perisher to Little vision
Page L44 Little voice to Living forever
Page L45 Living free and running wild to Lo La Lo
Page L46 lo lejos to Logical
Page L47 Logical absurdity to Lonely day
Page L48 lonely day at the Point to Long days lonely nights
Page L49 Long days long night to Longing too
Page L50 longing winding road to Looking for
Page L51 Looking for a boy to Lord Hine
Page L52 Lord hook of Cumbria to Losing it
Page L53 Losing lucidity to Lost wedding
Page L54 Lost weekend to LOVE
Page L55 Love & consequences to Love in action
Page L56 Love in autumn to Love makes martyrs of us all
Page L57 Love makes people good to Love the mystery of love
Page L58 Love the one to LovensLytton 1
Page L59 LovensLytton 2 to Low attac and high
Page L60 Low ball to Luci al Centro
Page L61 Luci del silenzio to Luking
Page L62 Lukinha to Lumin essence
Page L63 Lumina to Lusta madar
Page L64 Lusta negy to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macchu Picchu
Page M2 MacCrimmons lament to Madawaska
Page M3 MadCalfe to Maggio se ne va
Page M4 Maggiolino to Maguy blues
Page M5 Magvak to Majestic dance
Page M6 Majestic flight to Makin the scene
Page M7 Makin the town to Malpaises
Page M8 Malpertuis to Mambo disonante
Page M9 Mambo dominica to Man in the bottle
Page M10 man in the brown hat to Mane nnom
Page M11 Mane og sol to Manos de piedra
Page M12 Manos hadjidakis to Marameo
Page M13 Marameo samba to Marching to a different drummer
Page M14 Marching to a love song to Marie pompoen
Page M15 Marie Rose to Marodorerna over Bagdad
Page M16 Maroeska in de nacht to Mary Lou Williams blues
Page M17 Mary Louise to Masters of fog
Page M18 Masters of groove twist to Mauritius
Page M19 Mauritius fishes to Maybe spring
Page M20 Maybe steps to McWorld
Page M21 McYoucy to meaning of the wordshades of grey
Page M22 meaning of three to Mediterranee
Page M23 Mediterranee vice versa to Mei muattal woa a weanarin
Page M24 Mei zan to Mellow moods
Page M25 Mellow moon to Memoire delephant
Page M26 Memoire dO to mended lid
Page M27 Mended wings parts I II to Merida
Page M28 Meridian to Messiaenic
Page M29 Messiaens gumbo to Meu espirito
Page M30 Meu fado to MiamiSofia
Page M31 Mianu to Midnight & stars
Page M32 Midnight after dark to Midwestern
Page M33 Midwestern autumn to Miles around
Page M34 Miles away to Milwaukee 2
Page M35 Milwaukee 3 to Mingus fingus no 2
Page M36 Mingus for now to minor doodle
Page M37 Minor double blues to Mio latino
Page M38 Mio Mehmet forse il destino mimpedira di rivederti to Misinterprotato live video
Page M39 Mision 1 to Missing beat
Page M40 Missing bells to Mister Pepecks march
Page M41 Mister Pete to Mixtape
Page M42 Mixteca to Modal code
Page M43 Modal convention to Mohican and the great spirit
Page M44 Mohikaner to moment of peace
Page M45 moment of recognition to Monday school
Page M46 Monday stroll to Monkeys interlude
Page M47 Monkeys of Gokarna Forest to Montagne 3
Page M48 Montagne de plaisanterie no 1 to Mooks reflection
Page M49 Mooks theme to Moonlight and mos
Page M50 Moonlight and music to More beautiful sounds
Page M51 More beautiful than a picture to Mori Ikue
Page M52 Mori kontoula lemonia to Morro de
Page M53 Morro dois irmaos to Mother natures son
Page M54 Mother nebula to Mountain man pt 1
Page M55 Mountain melody to Movement eleven
Page M56 Movement equals creation to Mozzico
Page M57 Mozzin to Mr Green
Page M58 Mr Green Cabbage to Mr Ripley
Page M59 Mr RM to Mt Kuno
Page M60 Mt Magritte to Mulligan king stomp
Page M61 Mulligan man to Muschel von margate
Page M62 Muschelborn to Music lives in the air
Page M63 music machine to Mustang no 2
Page M64 Mustang Sally to My blue Alice
Page M65 My blue and gold girlSigma chi dream girl to My favorite blues
Page M66 My favorite cereal bowl to My home down under
Page M67 My home is in a southern town to My main man
Page M68 My main men to My queen is Angela Davis
Page M69 My queen is Anna Julia Cooper to My true blue Oti
Page M70 My true confession to Mystery street
Page M71 Mystery tale to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Naguele tempo
Page N2 Naguine to Naneman
Page N3 Nanemann to Nasr di
Page N4 Nasrin to Nature of power
Page N5 Nature of the beast to Nearly all of the second set
Page N6 Nearly arriving to Nein doch was ist die licht
Page N7 Nein is the loneliest number to Nespim nespim
Page N8 Nespina to Never make your move too soon
Page N9 Never marry a railroad man to new day a new life
Page N10 new day a new life a new love to new one two
Page N11 New oowee baby blues to New world cocek
Page N12 new world disorder to Next message
Page N13 next minute to Nicht gewolt und doch gespielt
Page N14 Nicht kaputt to Night comes quick in LA
Page N15 night comes soon to Night snow moon trust after confusion Ihouse
Page N16 Night soliloquy to Nihility mobs
Page N17 Nihilomelancholy in gold coffin to Ninths
Page N18 Nintous to No airbag
Page N19 No alarm clocks in heaven to No harm done
Page N20 No harm no foul to No names blues
Page N21 No nap to No significas nada si no tienes swing
Page N22 No silence in the lamb to Noble sentiments
Page N23 Noble Street five to Nocturne opus 9
Page N24 Nocturne opus 9 2 to Non smoking
Page N25 Non so to Normandy
Page N26 Normangee blues to Nostalgiaa
Page N27 NostalgiaRigid in motion to Not there
Page N28 Not there right there to Nothing new under the sun
Page N29 Nothing nothing baby to November afternoon
Page N30 November am meer to Nowhereland
Page N31 Nowheresville to Nuits Romaines
Page N32 Nuits roumaines to Nvula leza kia
Page N33 NW to NZZ


Page O1 O to O silencio da montanha
Page O2 O silencio das estralas to Obscure zealots
Page O3 Obscured to Octet for Sea Cliff
Page O4 Octet88 to Ode to Ood
Page O5 Ode to OP to Ofan
Page O6 OFarrills welcome to Limerick to Oh deys so fresh and fine
Page O7 Oh did we to Oh so pretty
Page O8 Oh so quietly he went to OK Madmoiselle
Page O9 OK Mr Bop to Old faithful
Page O10 Old faithful and true love to Old school
Page O11 Old school feeling to Olivers song
Page O12 Olivers theme to On a lark
Page O13 On a lighter note to On sles gele
Page O14 On solid ground to On the top
Page O15 On the top of the melting iceberg to Onde sonore
Page O16 Ondee to One for Freddie
Page O17 One for Freddy to one I love belongs to somebody else
Page O18 one I love belongs to someone else to One oclock blues
Page O19 One oclock boogie to One woman concert
Page O20 One woman man to Only you can make it Christmas
Page O21 Only you can say to Opals
Page O22 Opals close to Operation at the level of the phrase
Page O23 Operation blues to orange bellied funky little parrots
Page O24 Orange bird to Organigramme
Page O25 Organik blues to Ornitorrinco
Page O26 Ornot to Ostwest
Page O27 Osuki desho to Oud suite part 2
Page O28 Oud taksim on 19 times in 17 years to Out and around
Page O29 Out and in to Outatown
Page O30 Outback to Over the bars
Page O31 Over the blue to Oxilia
Page O32 Oxitocina blues to O’new


Page P1 P to Paean to Don Quixote
Page P2 Paean to the prince of hell to Pakke
Page P3 Pakkepapen to Panama lady
Page P4 Panama libre to Papa tree top
Page P5 Papa tree top blues to Parabales
Page P6 Parabasis to Pardon the blues please
Page P7 Pardon the glove to Parmesani
Page P8 Parmesano to Part I Exposition
Page P9 Part I Family Jam to Partita boy
Page P10 Partita de marco to Passacaglia in C minor
Page P11 Passacaglia in C Minor BWV582 to Past tense
Page P12 Past the to Patscha Menga underground
Page P13 Patschamenga underground to payphone
Page P14 Payphones to Peanut butter ice cream man
Page P15 Peanut butter in the desert to PeHa
Page P16 Pehpehook to Pentahouve
Page P17 Pentalogue to Peradventure
Page P18 Perambulate to Perkolator
Page P19 Perkoosha to pesar de las appariencias
Page P20 pesar de todo to Petite reverie
Page P21 Petite rondeau to Phat Rodney
Page P22 Phatahtah to Phunky physicist
Page P23 Phusis to Pibroch the call
Page P24 Pic to Piece 9
Page P25 piece a chord to Piggy back Sue
Page P26 Piggy back Sue 76 to Pink garage
Page P27 Pink gin to Pitch black
Page P28 Pitch black promenade to Plaine calme
Page P29 Plaine ma plaine to Play it to the ground
Page P30 Play Jack Carey to Please confirm
Page P31 Please consider me to Pliny come kiss your baby
Page P32 Plip to Podgorica bridge
Page P33 Podgy pooch to Points in space
Page P34 Points north to Pols tune
Page P35 Polsdans to Poor Kelly
Page P36 Poor kid to Pork chops
Page P37 Pork chops & pasta to Portrait of Julie End of the rainbow
Page P38 Portrait of July to Postcards
Page P39 Postcards and messages to Pour toi ma cherie
Page P40 Pour toi Monsieur Cote to prairie burn set
Page P41 Prairie child to Precious
Page P42 Precious Abby to Prelude moon dreams
Page P43 Prelude n 9 to Premiere pensee rose + croix
Page P44 Premiere rendezvous to Pretty girls in ugly clothes
Page P45 pretty gisl is like a melody to Primo turno
Page P46 Primoamor to Pro musica Antigua
Page P47 Pro Musica Antiqua to Prologue main title
Page P48 Prologue Marimba solo to Prove sparse
Page P49 Prove you love me baby to Pt5 Finale
Page P50 Ptah to Punch
Page P51 Punch and Judy to Pursue me not
Page P52 pursued to Pyramid boogie
Page P53 Pyramid groove to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quantas
Page Q2 Quante buono il bacio con le pere to Que reste til
Page Q3 Que reste til de nos amours to Questions never answered
Page Q4 Questions Non chaser to Quieta
Page Q5 Quieta devocao to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio Eriwan
Page R2 Radio excerpt from Marian McPartlands Piano Jazz to Rags to burn
Page R3 Rags to riches to Rainbow one
Page R4 Rainbow over 42nd Street to Rambling green
Page R5 Rambling in C to rare gem
Page R6 Rare groove to Raw rattle
Page R7 Raw root to Real and imagined
Page R8 Real and imagined time to ReBirth way
Page R9 Rebis to Red arrow 88
Page R10 Red Arrow blues to Red River bottom blues
Page R11 Red River cha cha to Reets need
Page R12 Reets neet to Regine twist
Page R13 Reginella to Relexification
Page R14 Relfex to Remix native land
Page R15 Remixed to Requiem for a blue duck
Page R16 Requiem for a catfish to Restless boogie
Page R17 Restless boy to Reunion en Paris
Page R18 Reunion finale to Rhapsoday in blue
Page R19 Rhapsodia to Rhythm Sam
Page R20 Rhythm saved the world to Ride deacon ride
Page R21 Ride dreams to Right boy for me
Page R22 Right brain patrol to Ringvida I
Page R23 Ringvida II to Riss in der stunde
Page R24 Rissetsu to Riverbero
Page R25 Riverboat to Roar of mankind
Page R26 Roarin to Rock n roll lovers
Page R27 Rock n roll lullaby to Rod avgang
Page R28 Rod la Rocque to Rolling past Oleander
Page R29 Rolling planets to Ronde 4
Page R30 Ronde calme to Roppongi crossing
Page R31 Roppongi Pit Inn to Rosinant in Toledo
Page R32 Rosinen to Round twelve
Page R33 Round twenty blues to Ruambleganblues
Page R34 Ruan to Rufty tufty
Page R35 Rufus to Run in a circle
Page R36 Run in the night to Russian knickers
Page R37 Russian lost in Rome to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred sacred
Page S2 Sacred seas to Sag mir nicht adieu
Page S3 Sag mir nun einmal ich Liebe Dich to Sajko
Page S4 Sajs to Salt Lake speedway
Page S5 Salt Lake stomp to Samba carrera
Page S6 Samba cavalla to Samba Mozart
Page S7 Samba na cama to Sammen med Susie
Page S8 Sammis song to Sand story
Page S9 Sand sun to Santa is coming tonight
Page S10 Santa is here to Sarsoumades
Page S11 Sart to Saturnian sunrise
Page S12 Saturniana to Sawmill slide
Page S13 sawo to Says you
Page S14 Sayulita to Scene from a dream
Page S15 Scene from a trance to Schlusselberg 2
Page S16 Schlusspunkt to Scientikids
Page S17 scientist to Screaming with Eric and Ornette
Page S18 Screamit to Sea mail
Page S19 Sea master to Seasons of change
Page S20 Seasons of hope to Second well
Page S21 second whirlpool to See Emily play
Page S22 See Europe in six days to Segun el favor del viento
Page S23 Segunda atencion to Semanas
Page S24 Semangelof to Sensitiva
Page S25 Sensitive to Septico
Page S26 Septiddendum to Seresta
Page S27 Seresta no 5 to Sette fimmini
Page S28 Sette ottavi to Seventeenth and eighteenth
Page S29 Seventh to Shadeless tree
Page S30 Shades to Shake it Lucy baby
Page S31 Shake it n break it to Shapin up
Page S32 Shaping frames to She made it crystal clear
Page S33 She made old bones to Shep shup shup shibop
Page S34 Shepard blues to Shift down
Page S35 Shift in flight to Shivers
Page S36 Shivers down my back to Short order love
Page S37 Short outbreak to Showdown
Page S38 Showdown at Halfmoon Bay to Si javais ete
Page S39 Si javais su to Sidewalk Stanley
Page S40 Sidewalk stomp to Signify
Page S41 Signifyin to Siles
Page S42 Silesian sketches to Simeliberg
Page S43 Simeon to Since I got mine
Page S44 Since I kissed my baby goodbye to Singing rhythm
Page S45 Singing river to Sirkus
Page S46 Sirkus lundingo to Six Aesthetic gravities
Page S47 Six AM to Ska maria navarrese
Page S48 Ska nya roster sjunga to Skinnin rabbits
Page S49 Skinning to Sky with no tears
Page S50 Sky without stars to Sleepin at the foot of the bed
Page S51 Sleepin bambino to Slightly foxed
Page S52 Slightly frantic to Slow down
Page S53 Slow down baby to Smaerd smurd
Page S54 Smag to Smiles & grins
Page S55 Smiles & sunny days to Snack IV
Page S56 Snack time to Snoogs alibi
Page S57 Snooker to So em teus bracos
Page S58 So enchanted to So that
Page S59 So that happened to Sofias flykt
Page S60 Sofias song to Sol Cubano
Page S61 Sol cycle to Solitaire moon
Page S62 Solitare to Solveigs sang
Page S63 Solveigs song to Some sunshine again
Page S64 Some swamp stomp to Someplace else
Page S65 Someplace out a Granny winner to Somethings hot
Page S66 Somethings missing in my life to Son of a chief
Page S67 Son of a Dad to Song for a black woman
Page S68 Song for a blind man to Song for Jim Webb
Page S69 Song for Jimmy and Susanna to Song for Suzanne
Page S70 Song for Suzy to Song of Ong
Page S71 song of Ossanha to Songe
Page S72 Songe dautomme to sons remembrance
Page S73 Sons song to Sorry Mr Brubeck its Bach
Page S74 Sorry my English to Soul of Janus
Page S75 soul of jazz to Sound of air
Page S76 Sound of Anapana to Sous les toits
Page S77 Sous les toits de Paris to Souvenir for Marcelle
Page S78 Souvenir from San Sebastian to Spacey
Page S79 Spachettisation to Spatial aspects of the sound
Page S80 Spatial bounds to Speedy child
Page S81 Speedy con Carmel to spinning tree
Page S82 Spinning tweed to Spitting adolescence
Page S83 Spitting on the canon to Spotty funk
Page S84 Spotz to Sprinkly
Page S85 Sprint to SST
Page S86 SSTT to Stags horn
Page S87 Stags march to Stapler
Page S88 Staples to start of it
Page S89 start of something to Steady love
Page S90 Steady mood to Step into jungle
Page S91 Step into my dream to Stick the landing
Page S92 Stick time to Stimme
Page S93 Stimme mir zu to Stone 1B
Page S94 Stone 2A to Stoptime
Page S95 Stoptime blues to Straight from the wood
Page S96 straight groove to Strangle hold
Page S97 Strangler to Streets alive
Page S98 Streets and Alleys to stroke
Page S99 Stroke 1 to Studio 1
Page S100 Studio 10 to Subdivided in F
Page S101 Subduction to Sudden voyage
Page S102 Sudden wealth syndrome to Suite 1 Fruhlingslied
Page S103 Suite 105 to Suite pour HP Madame
Page S104 Suite pour Joss to Summer of 42
Page S105 summer of 68 to sun one
Page S106 sun opening to Sunisoide
Page S107 Sunjata keita to Sunshine mama
Page S108 Sunshine man to Sur les paves la plage
Page S109 Sur les pistes to Suspended adolescence
Page S110 Suspended animation to swampland is calling me
Page S111 Swamplegend to Sweet charity
Page S112 Sweet charity theme to Sweet nuthins
Page S113 Sweet ochun to Sweetin and scotchin
Page S114 Sweetism to Swing parade
Page S115 Swing party to Swinging easy
Page S116 Swinging enterprise to Sylvan echoes
Page S117 Sylvan steps to SYS XZ5
Page S118 Syskonoga to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Tag game
Page T2 Tag here I stand to Take care of all my children
Page T3 Take care of business to Take your shoes off baby
Page T4 Take your shot to Talk 1 Local support
Page T5 Talk 2 to Tambo mambo
Page T6 Tamboa to Tango improvisation 1
Page T7 Tango in 3 colors to Tanztheater
Page T8 Tao to Tassels on the day
Page T9 Tasshis night out to Tchoupitoulas St
Page T10 Tchournia Catalunya to Tears tears tears
Page T11 Tears that cry to Telefox
Page T12 Telefunken blues to Tema del Pcc
Page T13 Tema del puente to Ten floors down
Page T14 Ten four blues to Tenorsax and pocket trumpet
Page T15 Tenorsaxophon to Terry goes bowling
Page T16 Terry Jennings for Christine Jennings 1960 to Thads all
Page T17 Thads been Wess to That feathery feeling
Page T18 That feelin to Thatll never do
Page T19 Thatll never happen no more to Thats what they say
Page T20 Thats what they want to Theme for Gregory
Page T21 Theme for Gwen to Theme from The night visitor
Page T22 Theme from the nutcracker to There at the turnpike
Page T23 There be us to Theres a Mingus a Monk us
Page T24 Theres a Mingus among us to These thoughts reel
Page T25 These three words to Thingamajig
Page T26 Thingaroo to Third familiar
Page T27 Third finger left hand to This hectic life
Page T28 This here to This ole house
Page T29 This once to Those times
Page T30 Those two to Three cool blind mice
Page T31 Three cool cats to Three oclock blues
Page T32 Three oclock boogie to Threeways meet
Page T33 Threewe to Thunderous silence
Page T34 Thunderous thoughts to Tiempo esperado
Page T35 Tiempo medio lento to Till my baby comes back
Page T36 Till my broken heart begins to mend to Time limit
Page T37 Time limit of 1 hour or 1 century to Times tune
Page T38 Times up to Tipitinas
Page T39 Tipitipitin to Tjorn
Page T40 TJOT to To Hell with the force of gravity
Page T41 To henghel to To the edge and back
Page T42 To the edge of the world to Today will die tomorrow
Page T43 Today yesterday and tomorrow to Tom and dalton
Page T44 Tom and Irina to Tone paintings
Page T45 Tone parallel to a tone parallel to Harlem to Too long blues
Page T46 Too long in LA to Topaz part one
Page T47 Topaz refractions to Totenklage
Page T48 Totenlob to Tout est ecrit
Page T49 Tout est permis quand on aime to Track I
Page T50 Track J to Trakk 2
Page T51 Trakk 3 to Translation 5
Page T52 Translation 6 to Travellin
Page T53 Travellin all alone to TreLine
Page T54 Trellis to Tribute to Billie Holiday
Page T55 Tribute to Bing Crosby to Trinette
Page T56 Tringaling to Triplette pour Ginette
Page T57 Triplettes to Trombanian national anthem
Page T58 Trombath to Troubled night
Page T59 Troubled peace to Truth and lies
Page T60 Truth and piece to Tu che mi hai preso il cuor
Page T61 Tu che non sorridi mai to Tuljapur handprint
Page T62 Tulku to Turbulent plover
Page T63 Turbulent silence to Turtle shuffle
Page T64 Turtle song to Twelve three
Page T65 Twelve times to Twisted pattern
Page T66 twisted reverie to Two heartbeats
Page T67 Two heartedly to Two streams
Page T68 Two streets to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Ujaama
Page U2 Ujadma to Un abraco do Brasil
Page U3 Un abraco no bonfa to Un sac dur le dos
Page U4 Un salotto borghese to Uncle Horsley writhes again
Page U5 Uncle Hos Benz to Under the stairway
Page U6 Under the stairwell to Uneasy rider
Page U7 Uneasy sleep to Unity dance
Page U8 Unity diversity to Unreleased voice
Page U9 Unrelenting unconditional to Untitled part II
Page U10 untitled Patton tune to Up your mind
Page U11 Up your tempo to Urban jungle
Page U12 Urban jungles to Uten forbindelse
Page U13 Uten ord to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valeta de tu viento
Page V2 Valetta to Valse nise
Page V3 Valse no 1 to Vapor rub
Page V4 Vapor suite to Variations on filigree
Page V5 Variations on Freedom jazz dance to Ved havet
Page V6 Ved ornes to Vente conmigo
Page V7 Ventetid to Verses by phone
Page V8 Versetto to Vi pa asen
Page V9 Vi plojed og vi sade to Vidder
Page V10 Viddui to Vila Fachini
Page V11 Vila Madalena to violet dress
Page V12 Violet flame to Visions of a new world
Page V13 Visions of an inner ear to Vkoo
Page V14 Vlach stomp to Vol
Page V15 Vol 2 to Vota no
Page V16 Votation to Vztek


Page W1 W to Waited so long
Page W2 Waited too long to Wake up MF
Page W3 Wake up Mr Moon Man to Walkin by myself
Page W4 Walkin by the river to Walkin’ my baby back home
Page W5 Walkism to Waltz for Gary
Page W6 Waltz for Gayle gorilla cookies to Waltz nocturne
Page W7 Waltz not to Want a little lovin
Page W8 Want a piece of this to Warum bist du traurig
Page W9 Warum gehort dein Roter Mund nicht mir allein to Watch your step please
Page W10 Watch your steps to Waterwheels
Page W11 Waterwind to way without words
Page W12 Way yonder far to We dont know you anymore
Page W13 We dont like the rock to We who breathe air
Page W14 We who may talk to Week 42
Page W15 Week day blues to Well alright then
Page W16 Well always be sweethearts to Were all alone
Page W17 Were all blues to Western sabbath stomp
Page W18 Western situation to What am I looking for
Page W19 What am I now to What I cant take with me
Page W20 What I did for love to What the bass say
Page W21 What the birds tell me to Whats he doin here blues
Page W22 Whats he say to When Chick came around
Page W23 When children find to When it peaks
Page W24 When it rains to When the gooses comes back to Massachussetts
Page W25 When the grass grows to When you call me sweetheart
Page W26 When you came to Where do you go from love
Page W27 Where do you hide when you hear me to Where we stand
Page W28 Where we used to live to Whip it up
Page W29 Whip me harder to White devil
Page W30 White dhal to Who is coming after midnight
Page W31 Who is crazy to Whos afraid of Frank Wolff
Page W32 Whos afraid of love to Why dont you dance
Page W33 Why dont you do it right to Wie beim falb die kuckucksuhr tickt so tickt sie nirgendwo
Page W34 Wie bist die gewesen vor prohibition to Wild weeping blues
Page W35 Wild west to Willow wind and water
Page W36 Willow woods to Windows of the revolution
Page W37 windows of the world to Winter in Buenos Aires
Page W38 Winter in Cairo to Wish you love
Page W39 Wish you stayed to With the laughing face
Page W40 With the love in my heart to Wodka wodka temperament
Page W41 Wodkafox to Wonder where my baby is tonight
Page W42 Wonder where my easy riders gone to Woofspidah
Page W43 Woofti to world keeps you waiting
Page W44 world last night to Wow wow
Page W45 Wow wow blues to Wurscht very Dudel
Page W46 wurst polka to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yankee poured out the bacon grease
Page Y2 Yankee rose to Yellow 2
Page Y3 Yellow add green to Yesterday and tomorrow
Page Y4 Yesterday and yesterdays to Yolandas storybook
Page Y5 Yolande to You be you
Page Y6 You be you and Ill be me to You can’t get what you want
Page Y7 You can’t shush Katie to You got to pay when the deal goes down
Page Y8 You got to play ragtime to You might be mistaken
Page Y9 You might be surprised to You told summertime
Page Y10 You told your mama not to worry to Young buds
Page Y11 young child to Your partner is the night
Page Y12 Your peculiarity to Youre mine forever
Page Y13 Youre mine oh mine to Youve got me out on a limb
Page Y14 Youve got me pickin petals off o daisies to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zazou rythm
Page Z2 Zazueira to Zig zag rag
Page Z3 Zig zag zalza to Zonegar
Page Z4 Zoneing to Zwei krawatten teil
Page Z5 Zwei links zwei rechts to Zzzzzip

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