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This index refers to the 533,156 individual tune titles (1,596,145 total entries) included in over 244,316 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of February, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Aberration
Page A2 Aberrations to Abstract
Page A3 Abstract & dreams to Ach bittrer winter
Page A4 Ach blas ohr folcloristico ma non troppo to Acting
Page A5 Acting a fool to Adelaide
Page A6 Adelaide blues to Adverse side effects
Page A7 Adverse times to African bird
Page A8 African blossom to Afromotif in blue
Page A9 Afromusette to After weve kissed
Page A10 After which to Agnem jamu
Page A11 Agnes to Ai wo tomenaide
Page A12 Ai ya haiya to Aint your memory got not pride at all
Page A13 Ainta comin back to Akapulko
Page A14 Akar to Alapjodjahla
Page A15 AlapJorGat to Alex & Norma
Page A16 Alex & prein to Alisia
Page A17 Alisiah to All inclusive
Page A18 All India day to All the forgotten conversations
Page A19 All the frowning people to Allegorie always Albert
Page A20 Allegories to almighty dollar
Page A21 Almighty father to Alpha beta
Page A22 Alpha blue to Altro
Page A23 Altrove to Amande
Page A24 Amandes to American fever dream
Page A25 American fields to Amorous cat
Page A26 Amorous love to An evening like this
Page A27 An evening nap in the afternoon sun to Anast in crisis mouthful of fresh cut flowers
Page A28 Anastacia to And its supposed to be love
Page A29 And just now to And your wellness
Page A30 And youre not there to Angel wing
Page A31 Angel wings to Anish Kapoor
Page A32 Anisometropia to Anonymous blues
Page A33 Anonymous Cargado de tantos males to Another way out
Page A34 Another way to be alone to Antonio Adame
Page A35 Antonio and Angelica to Apart
Page A36 Apart from you to Aprendiz
Page A37 Apres to Arabian boogaloo
Page A38 Arabian boogie to Are we havin fun yet
Page A39 Are we having fun yet to Arjens bag
Page A40 Arjevogl to Arrears IV
Page A41 Arrears V to Arts revelation
Page A42 Arts Sunday best to As the sea part 1
Page A43 As the sea part 2 to Ask Harry
Page A44 Ask her to Astri pes
Page A45 Astride the flying horse to At the phasechoppers ball
Page A46 At the ping pong ball to Attachment
Page A47 Attack to Audio_0163 trio
Page A48 Audio_0165 to Auroral
Page A49 Auroral flare to Autumn moon over the calm lake
Page A50 Autumn moon reflected on the peaceful lake to Avoid the funk
Page A51 Avoid the year of the monkey to Az allomas neve fold
Page A52 Az du furst avec to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby bunting
Page B2 Baby but you did to babys dance
Page B3 Babys do cry to Back on the farm
Page B4 Back on the front porch to Backyard BBQ blues
Page B5 Backyard blues to Bagdad express
Page B6 Bagdad party to Baksheesh
Page B7 Bakskuld to Ballad du jour
Page B8 Ballad earth to Ballad of Joe Pimp
Page B9 Ballad of John & Yoko to Ballata
Page B10 Ballata dei Piedi Volanti to Banat mood
Page B11 Banateana to Bara jag far vara med dig
Page B12 Bara su wa yo to Barloydesque 1
Page B13 Barloydesque 2 to Basement time
Page B14 Basement tools to Basse
Page B15 Basse continue to Battle of twins
Page B16 Battle of Vicksburg to Be cool in Munichpart 21
Page B17 Be cool in Munichpart 22 to Beardland
Page B18 Beardom X to beautiful reply
Page B19 Beautiful romance to becker roofing program introduction
Page B20 Beckers mood to Before in
Page B21 Before it can begin to Bei dir war e simmer so schone
Page B22 Bei dir war eas immer so schon to Bellas smile
Page B23 Bellatron to Beneath the underdog
Page B24 Beneath the veil to Berlin baseball bats
Page B25 Berlin basement to Bestefarvalsen
Page B26 Bestemmia to Between the raindrops
Page B27 Between the rocks to Bian Fu
Page B28 Bianca to Big brass bed
Page B29 Big brass bed blues to Big mon
Page B30 Big Mondays to Bikos dream
Page B31 Bikram to Bing says Ming
Page B32 Bing swingtette to Birds of beauty
Page B33 birds of Bhutan to Bits npieces
Page B34 Bits of blues to Black Christ of the Andes
Page B35 Black Christmas to Black roses blues
Page B36 Black Russian to Blanco et nero
Page B37 Blanco y negro to Blind Boy Fuller
Page B38 Blind bug to Bloomed
Page B39 Bloomer to Blue battle
Page B40 Blue Bayou to Blue freeze
Page B41 Blue frenzy to Blue mosquito blues
Page B42 Blue most to Blue strings
Page B43 Blue stripe blues to Blues ad lib
Page B44 Blues adagio to Blues du loup
Page B45 Blues du matin to Blues for Charleston
Page B46 Blues for Charley to Blues for Jesper
Page B47 Blues for Jess to Blues for Oaktown
Page B48 Blues for Obie to Blues for the preacher
Page B49 Blues for the Q to Blues in first
Page B50 Blues in five to Blues on 45th
Page B51 Blues on 57th street to Blues without blouse
Page B52 Blues without booze to Boardwalks
Page B53 Boarjibov to Bodysurfer
Page B54 Bodytrap to Bomba lacrymogene
Page B55 Bomba makuta to Bonsoir jolie madameTout ca cest pour nous
Page B56 Bonsoir jolie madameTout ca cest pour vous to Boogie woogie bar
Page B57 Boogie woogie barbecue to Bootleg bruise
Page B58 Bootleg Eric to Born not manufactured
Page B59 Born of its own asphyxiation to Bossa nove de Lisboa
Page B60 Bossa novissima to Bounce of the sugar plum fairy
Page B61 Bounce one to Boxing time
Page B62 Boxnings baletten to Brand new neighborhood
Page B63 Brand New Orleans to Bread and roses
Page B64 Bread and tears to Bred
Page B65 Bred dina vida vingar to Briefing for a descent into hell
Page B66 Briefing of two souls to British soldiers song
Page B67 British soup to Broody brothers
Page B68 brook to Brown food
Page B69 Brown funk to Btown bop
Page B70 Bts to Buddys solo drum interlude banter with the audience
Page B71 Buddys TateATate to Bulgarie
Page B72 Bulgarska to Bureau blues
Page B73 Bureau of change to Bushi
Page B74 Bushido to Buttered potatoes
Page B75 Buttered scones and tea to Byagz
Page B76 Byakuya to BZoo


Page C1 C to cadence of her dying breath
Page C2 cadence of tears to Calambre
Page C3 Calambre intro to Call of the wild
Page C4 Call of the wild and peaceful heart to Camac natisi
Page C5 Camael to Can I play
Page C6 Can I play with you to Candlelight boogie
Page C7 Candlelight conversation to Cant put you aside
Page C8 Cant read cant write to Canyon passage
Page C9 Canyon Road to Captain Jocelyn tribute by his crew
Page C10 Captain Johns reggae band to Caribbean coconut
Page C11 Caribbean coffee to Carol of the birds
Page C12 Carol of the children to Casa bar boogie woogie
Page C13 Casa batllo to cat and the dog
Page C14 cat and the fiddle to Cats head
Page C15 cats hide under the bed when I play my Gary Windo records to Ce jourla
Page C16 Ce kalanta to Cells 1213
Page C17 Cells 1416 to Certains soirs
Page C18 Certainties to Chachacha du loup
Page C19 Chachacha flamengo to Change agent
Page C20 Change and smile to chant for Larry
Page C21 Chant for Logum to Charleston blue
Page C22 Charleston blues to Chasing the atomphile elements
Page C23 Chasing the barron to Cheese cake
Page C24 Cheese greater to Cheyenne
Page C25 Cheyenne begging you to Chicken or beef
Page C26 Chicken out to childrens hour of dream
Page C27 Childrens hunt to Chiniprefstahukwoeieuau
Page C28 Chiniprefstahukwoeieuaubd to Chop chop
Page C29 Chop chop boogie to Chory kollataj
Page C30 Chose pour Jacques to Chrome yellow
Page C31 Chromed to Ciceros Schumann Traumerei
Page C32 Ciceros serenade to Circle house
Page C33 Circle I to City chase
Page C34 City city city to Clarendon hills
Page C35 Clareou to Clear channel suite
Page C36 Clear cold light Into our midst Japanese folk song to Clockwork of the spirits
Page C37 Clockwork toys to Cloudy Monday
Page C38 Cloudy Monday blues to Cobras e ras
Page C39 Coburger marsch to Cognito
Page C40 Cognoscenti to Collective 2
Page C41 Collective 3 to Coltane story
Page C42 Coltapiesman to Come on and ska
Page C43 Come on and stomp to Coming here
Page C44 Coming home to Comon baby
Page C45 Comon Ovah to Composition 309 B
Page C46 Composition 309 C to Con aria
Page C47 Con arp to Concierto
Page C48 Concierto antillano to Conga patria
Page C49 conga player to Constricted connected
Page C50 Constrictor to Controlled sustenance
Page C51 Controlling the line to Cool dream Domodosola
Page C52 Cool drink of water blues to Coracao
Page C53 Coracao brasileiro to Correct this
Page C54 Correct truth to Costellazione VI
Page C55 Costellazioni to Country club living
Page C56 Country cookin to Cowboys sweetheart
Page C57 Cowboys talk to Crazy bones
Page C58 Crazy boogie to Creole man
Page C59 Creole moods to Crook sludge
Page C60 Crooked to Cruisin with Cab
Page C61 Cruisin with the Kalif to Csillagtalan sotet ejjel
Page C62 Csip csip to Cukulota renkli parca
Page C63 Cul Chemise to Cut and thrust
Page C64 Cut away the stone to Czy pamietasz 29 czerwca
Page C65 Czy pani kocha Hagaw to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddys got a new girl now
Page D2 Daddys got the gleeks to Damals
Page D3 Damam to Dance of clouds
Page D4 Dance of corona to Dance with my father again
Page D5 Dance with the ancestors to Dancing winds
Page D6 Dancing with a debutante to Dansa de la molinera
Page D7 Dansa del foc to Darias regard
Page D8 Darien to Darkies on the Delta
Page D9 Darkies spring song to Dash is it
Page D10 dash of plea to Dawntalk
Page D11 dawntreader to Days without makeup
Page D12 Days work to De portal
Page D13 De pres et de loin to Dear if you change
Page D14 Dear Inn to Debussys dream
Page D15 Debussys reverie to Dedication to John Coltrane
Page D16 Dedication to Johnny Hodges to Deeper dig deeper
Page D17 deeper dream to Delhi belly dancer
Page D18 Delhi daily to Den arbejdsloses sang
Page D19 Den atem ausgetauscht to Depths of locusts
Page D20 depths of the soul to Der Zug donnerte voruber
Page D21 Der zug zum finkenkrug to Desert Inn
Page D22 Desert interlude to Det finns djup i herrens godhet
Page D23 Det finns en stad to Devils dance
Page D24 Devils daughter to Dialogie
Page D25 Dialogiques suite to Did you hear me mommy
Page D26 Did you hear that to Die Sprache der Dinge
Page D27 Die spule to Diggy diggy lo
Page D28 Digi boogie to Dinner jacket
Page D29 Dinner jazz to Disc jockeys nightmare
Page D30 Disc junked motion to distant beauty
Page D31 Distant beauty Isorhythm 9 to Dixie chimes
Page D32 Dixie chinois to DMH blues
Page D33 Dminor blues to Do you know Ben Van Gelder
Page D34 Do you know him to Dododo
Page D35 Dododo thats what I do to Doing the rounds
Page D36 Doing the snake hip to Don Goppel
Page D37 Don in Honky Tonk Town to Dont burn the bridge
Page D38 Dont burn the candle at both ends to Dont kiss me
Page D39 Dont kiss me again to Dont start nothin here tonight
Page D40 Dont start nuttin wont be nuttin to Don’t ever leave me
Page D41 Don’t explain to Dos dies
Page D42 Dos elefantes to DoubLinn
Page D43 Doubloon to Down in the meadow
Page D44 Down in the mine to Dr Fuck Art
Page D45 Dr Fujii to Drawnout springtime
Page D46 Draws trouble blues to Dreamers exposed
Page D47 Dreamers hiccups to Dressage movimento secondo
Page D48 Dressed in smoke blown away to Drop and roll
Page D49 drop and the sea to Drummers funeral
Page D50 Drummers happening to Du kan val rymma
Page D51 Du kannst tun und machen lassen was du willst to Duet for sixteen
Page D52 Duet for sopranino saxophone & trombone to DungeonRuhrverleiss
Page D53 Dungeons and dragons to Dusting the keys
Page D54 Dustins dustbin to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early five
Page E2 Early flight to East coast ghost
Page E3 East Coast groupings to Easy Mr B
Page E4 Easy my love to Echo prayer
Page E5 Echo raindrops through a dark cloud to edge of life
Page E6 edge of lightness to Egg dance
Page E7 Egg eating contest to Ein Heller und ein Batzen
Page E8 Ein Herr im Frack to El arroyo que murmura
Page E9 El arte to El jadida
Page E10 El jaguel to El sur
Page E11 El sur llega to Electricity in the air
Page E12 Electricity on MacDougal to Eleuthera Island
Page E13 Eleuthra to Elliotts dilemma
Page E14 Elliotts equation to Embracing the sun in your heart
Page E15 Embracing the tiger to Empty glass blues
Page E16 empty glass has a name to En revenant de Nitcha
Page E17 En revencha to End of midnight
Page E18 end of my journey to Enhanced performance
Page E19 enhancer to Entre el mar y la tristeza
Page E20 Entre faire et entendre to Epistrophical notions
Page E21 Epistrophy to Ernest et Firmin
Page E22 Ernesta to Eschatological tensions
Page E23 Eschatology to Esta dicha nuestra
Page E24 Esta farea ke viene to eternal feminine
Page E25 Eternal fire to Etude op 10 no 6
Page E26 Etude op 2 no 1 to Eve voyage
Page E27 Eve walks to Every album needs a ballad
Page E28 Every answer to Everyday
Page E29 Everyday a little death to evil boweevil
Page E30 Evil California to Excited strings 3
Page E31 Excitement to Exploration
Page E32 Exploration 1 to Eye see you
Page E33 Eye song to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Factotum pole
Page F2 Facts to Falarmdelirium
Page F3 Falasha to Family plot
Page F4 Family portrait to Fantasy 77
Page F5 Fantasy and function to Farewelling
Page F6 Farewells remember it was an autumn to Fat daddy from the far East
Page F7 fat dance to favourite rag
Page F8 Favourite secret to Feel the wind
Page F9 Feel whats real to Fem pa kloden
Page F10 Fem snabba to Fevrar
Page F11 Fevrier to Fifth Avenue nocturne
Page F12 Fifth Avenue sax to Fils des etoiles
Page F13 Fils dOregon to Finessen
Page F14 finest long long way to Firehouse blues
Page F15 Firehouse five blues to First quadrant
Page F16 First quartet to Fist fight at the barn dance
Page F17 Fist o mec to Fives & sixes
Page F18 Fives and pennies to Flat river Missouri
Page F19 Flat rock to Flight over Africa
Page F20 Flight over Cairo to Florences fantasie
Page F21 Florences reverie to Flugsteig B
Page F22 Flugten over fjeldet to Flying eagle
Page F23 Flying east to Folk like
Page F24 Folk line to Fooled again
Page F25 Fooled and pushed apart to For Big Hal
Page F26 For Big Sid to For Hvost
Page F27 For Hy to For once
Page F28 For once in my life to For those who care
Page F29 For those who chant to forest of forgotten words
Page F30 forest of lilacs to Formosa
Page F31 Formosa east coast to Fountain scene
Page F32 Fountain Square to Fourmeasure cadences
Page F33 Fourmi minus to Fragments in imaginary time
Page F34 Fragments jazz concerto for violin and orchestra to Frau Buesi and her attitudes
Page F35 Frau Chauchat to Free frantic and funny
Page F36 Free Freddy to Freedom swing
Page F37 Freedom swing song to Freshouttabedlook
Page F38 freshwater breeze to Frisco dreams
Page F39 Frisco flo to From J to Z
Page F40 From Japan to Front Street
Page F41 Front Street blues to Fugarinascita
Page F42 Fugata to Fun
Page F43 fun and a doll to Funky 3
Page F44 Funky 94 to Fuori le mura
Page F45 Fuori moda to Futurism Das wahre clavier
Page F46 Futurism Malawi to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallas blues
Page G2 Gallatin Street grind to Garcia
Page G3 Garcias a la vida to Gates salty blues
Page G4 Gates steps out to Gee Matthew
Page G5 Gee Monetti to Genkyuen
Page G6 Genla to Georgie porgie Georgie porgie
Page G7 Georgie Porgy to Get me to church on time
Page G8 Get me to Kansas City to Getting to you
Page G9 Getting together at the Seventh Fourth to giant scam
Page G10 Giant slide rag to Ginga gingou
Page G11 Ginga mo mane to Girl youll never change
Page G12 Girl your best friend done took your place to Give me your heart tonight
Page G13 Give me your kisses to gleaner
Page G14 Gleaners to Glue fingers
Page G15 Glue fingers pt I to Go to the wall
Page G16 Go to the window to Gofteguje man
Page G17 Gofu to Gold spheres
Page G18 Gold standard to Gone from my mind
Page G19 Gone gone from my life to Good lady
Page G20 Good lava to Goodbye Chet
Page G21 Goodbye Columbus to Gorby dreams
Page G22 Gorby gets them going to Goto is gone
Page G23 Goto ophioplomel to Grammenos
Page G24 Grammy to grass is getting greener
Page G25 grass is green to great lawn
Page G26 great leaning 1A to Green pepper
Page G27 Green peppers to Gribbines
Page G28 Gricel to Groovin @ Beaumonts
Page G29 Groovin after midnight to Gruppen modulor 3a
Page G30 Gruppen scale 1 to Guilherme Peluci February 2017
Page G31 Guilhon pren ton tamborin to Gussies great escape
Page G32 Gusss bicycle to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hailbop
Page H2 Haili Haidi to Hallelujah anyway
Page H3 Hallelujah blues to Han 500 years
Page H4 Han an em ort es bluemili gseh to Hankelhut
Page H5 Hankenstein to Happy go lucky local blues
Page H6 Happy go lucky local mix to Hard hearted
Page H7 Hard hearted Hannah to Harley Davidson
Page H8 Harley rider to Has that summer gone
Page H9 Has this song been written for you before to Have another drink and talk to me
Page H10 Have another one not me to Haze
Page H11 Haze and aspirations to Head pan
Page H12 Head pebbles to heart of the lion
Page H13 heart of the matter to Heavy line
Page H14 Heavy loaded Trane to Helene et Ludivine
Page H15 Helenenmarsch to help in times of trouble
Page H16 Help is coming to Her ved aen
Page H17 Her vil ties her vil bies to Heres Jonny
Page H18 Heres Lee to Hes real fine man
Page H19 Hes red hot to me to Hey Mr Freddy
Page H20 Hey Mr Jack to Hidden starlight
Page H21 hidden story of music angles to High up on a hilltop
Page H22 High up on the mountain to Hindewu
Page H23 Hindi hex to His quiet determination
Page H24 His royal heinous to Hobbian trot
Page H25 Hobbies to Holding my Saviours hand
Page H26 Holding Noa to Homage a villa lobos
Page H27 Homage aMitch to Homma san
Page H28 Hommage to Honky plonk
Page H29 Honky punk to Hopes of reunification
Page H30 Hopes trail to Horseshoe
Page H31 Horseshoe Bay to Hot springs water blues
Page H32 Hot steel to House on hill
Page H33 house on Maple Street to How does the wine taste
Page H34 How does water flow to How you lied to me
Page H35 How you like that to Hula salsa
Page H36 Hula shuffle to Hunger gatherer
Page H37 Hunger in the desert to Hvem vil mig anklage
Page H38 Hver dag to Hyped up
Page H39 Hyper to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I believe when I fall in love it will be forever
Page I2 I believe ya to I cant sleep in the movies any more
Page I3 I cant stand another hurt to I dont believe weve met
Page I4 I dont believe you to I fall in love again
Page I5 I fall in love everyday to I got myself a happy song
Page I6 I got myself a workin man to I hear a trellis
Page I7 I hear a waltz to I know what girls like
Page I8 I know what I am to I love that jazz
Page I9 I love that kinda carryin on to I need to be beed with
Page I10 I need to be in love to I remember Monk
Page I11 I remember Monk medley to I still havent found what Im looking for
Page I12 I still hear her sweet voice to I wanna girl
Page I13 I wanna go back to I was only playin
Page I14 I was only teasing you to I would do anything but you
Page I15 I would do anything for you to Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt
Page I16 Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eningestellt to Ida y vuelta
Page I17 Idada wah wah to If I fall in love too hard
Page I18 If I feel like this tomorrow to If the creek dont rise
Page I19 If the dance is over to If you still care about me
Page I20 If you stop loving me to III Eightball in the corner wormhole
Page I21 III El beso to Il lungo viaggio
Page I22 Il lupo to Ill be hanging around
Page I23 Ill be happy once again to Ill see you yesterday
Page I24 Ill see you you again to Im a van
Page I25 Im a very lucky guy to Im going to copyright your kisses
Page I26 Im going to cry you right out of my mind to Im just that way
Page I27 Im just the blues to Im shook
Page I28 Im shootin high to Image 11
Page I29 Image 12 to Implacabale Venus
Page I30 Implacable to Improv sparrows
Page I31 Improv three to Improvvisazione no 4
Page I32 Improvvisazione no 5 to In all fields
Page I33 In all her finery to In his time
Page I34 In holes to In plain sight
Page I35 In Plutos face to In the desert
Page I36 In the details to In the shadow of John Galt
Page I37 In the shadow of love to Inaia
Page I38 Inajam to Indian head
Page I39 Indian Hill to Infinite journey
Page I40 Infinite justice to Inner extremities suite 2
Page I41 Inner extremities suite 3 to Inside ourselves
Page I42 Inside out to Intensive blue
Page I43 Intensive care to Intermezzo op 118 no 2
Page I44 Intermezzo op 188 no 2 to Into light
Page I45 Into living to Intro to la diferencia
Page I46 Intro to Larsio theme to Introspective atmosphere
Page I47 Introspective combustion to Invocation spiel city
Page I48 Invocation to Dambala to Irrawaddy River
Page I49 Irreconcilable to Ise a muggin
Page I50 Ise a muggin musical numbers game to Ist gefallen in den Schnee
Page I51 Ist gott fur mich to It is well with my soul
Page I52 It is well with your soul to Ita a blue world
Page I53 Ita a cryin shame to Its all over
Page I54 Its all over again to Its love
Page I55 Its love baby to Its the times
Page I56 Its the truth to Ive found joy
Page I57 Ive found my peace of mind to Ives 5
Page I58 Ives 6 to I�m wild about that thing


Page J1 J to Jacksons action
Page J2 Jacksons actions to Jakes milkshakes
Page J3 Jakes place to JAMP jubilee
Page J4 Jampazzianna to Jaspers boy
Page J5 Jaspers fourth of july to Jazz habit
Page J6 Jazz hands to Jazzkoral
Page J7 Jazzkungen to Jean & Paul
Page J8 Jean 316 to Jemima surrender
Page J9 Jemina surrender to Jesus my joy
Page J10 Jesus never fails to Jimmies blues
Page J11 Jimmies boogie to Jo tu mitana chahe
Page J12 Jo tunder to John and Johnny riding the clouds over Big Sur
Page J13 John and Jolly to Jojos love
Page J14 JoJos mood to Joshua Logans Hart
Page J15 Joshua prayer to Joyful grass and grape
Page J16 Joyful insight to Jughaid
Page J17 Jughead to Jumpin at Capitol
Page J18 Jumpin at Connies to Jungle grove
Page J19 Jungle gym to Just a little cuter
Page J20 Just a little dance to Just for fun
Page J21 Just for funk to Just rollin along
Page J22 Just rolling along to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kaleidoscoop
Page K2 Kaleidoscope to Kansas City swing
Page K3 Kansas City tango to Kasi res
Page K4 Kasi vanla to KD Jr
Page K5 KD Lang to Keeper of your love
Page K6 Keepers to Ker
Page K7 Kera to Kick ker
Page K8 Kick laugh crawl to Kimi ni tsutaetai
Page K9 Kimi no tame ni to King Pong
Page K10 King Porter special to Kiss my wrist
Page K11 Kiss noise to Klavierstuck VI
Page K12 Klavierstuck VII to Knockee
Page K13 Knockemstiff can can to Kolkatay stomp
Page K14 Koll Ankor Vat to Koontown koffee klatsch
Page K15 Koontown koffeeklatsch to Kreuzberg cuecheck
Page K16 Kreuzberg Park East to Kundry
Page K17 Kundun to KZ


Page L1 L to La casa del Corazon
Page L2 La casa del Forefronte to La de la la
Page L3 La debandade to La grive enfin
Page L4 La grolle to La mia Africa
Page L5 La mia donna chiamata desiderio to La polonaise
Page L6 La polvadera to La strega sul rogo
Page L7 La suave melodia to La voz el centro
Page L8 La voz le la libertad to lady from St Pauls
Page L9 Lady from the Bayou to LAiksoni
Page L10 Laila to Lament homage to Bartok and Kodaly
Page L11 Lament in chords to Landscape II Grand nord
Page L12 Landscape III to Largo religioso
Page L13 Largo romantico to last days of Pompeii
Page L14 Last daysHands to Last town mil
Page L15 Last track to Latin bondage
Page L16 Latin boogie to Laungga tid
Page L17 Laupaev to Lazy day in Central Park
Page L18 Lazy day in Medicine Bend to Le chien
Page L19 Le chien a trois tetes to Le juvenat
Page L20 Le Khan guru to Le ptit Negro
Page L21 Le ptit Quinquin to Le vase bleu
Page L22 Le vase de sable to Leave my sweet daddy alone
Page L23 Leave my woman alone to Left right left
Page L24 Left right out of here to Lempecheur de tourner en rond
Page L25 Lemprise to Les adieux
Page L26 Les adventures de pinpin au togo to Les mains
Page L27 Les mains dAlice to Lespoir
Page L28 Lespoir de ne pas perdue espoir to Let me take you home
Page L29 Let me take you to the beach to Lets dont and say we did
Page L30 Lets dope the Pope to Lets take it over baby
Page L31 Lets take it slow to Lextension du domaine de la lutte
Page L32 Lextenuation to Lidee du dialecte
Page L33 Liden to Life love life
Page L34 Life made me beautiful at forty to light of ancient mistakes
Page L35 light of autumn leaves to Like an old cigarette
Page L36 Like an old piano to Lili Marleen
Page L37 Lili MarleenWell meet again to Lindesirable
Page L38 Lindewe to Liora
Page L39 Liors ar leur ar serjant major to Lithia
Page L40 Lithia valley to Little David swing
Page L41 Little Davids fugue to Little Liza Jane
Page L42 Little Liza June to Little scene for Beckett
Page L43 Little school girl to Live at the timber yard
Page L44 Live at the Tremont Theatre to Livslys
Page L45 Livsmedel to Locali notturni
Page L46 Locanda Almayer to Lom Norahs and Enaj
Page L47 Loma to Lonely valley
Page L48 Lonely view to Long note
Page L49 Long note blues to Look in the looking glass
Page L50 Look in the lookingglass to Loop mind
Page L51 Loop of a hip joints noise to Los alamitos latin funk love song
Page L52 Los Alamos to Lost in Kathmandu
Page L53 Lost in Lemuria to Loueke
Page L54 Louella to Love cant be all fun
Page L55 Love cant be beat to Love is in the air
Page L56 Love is in the air tonight to Love Poem nr 16
Page L57 Love Poem nr 17 to Love within a time of turbulence
Page L58 Love without money to Loves language
Page L59 Loves last word is spoken to Lower tune
Page L60 lower we fly to Lucky to be me
Page L61 Lucky to know love to Lullaby from the beginning
Page L62 Lullaby from the great mother whale to Lunch can make me stay
Page L63 Lunch cutters ball to Lydias blues
Page L64 Lydias confirmation to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macdaddy
Page M2 MacDougal Alley to Madchen im turm
Page M3 Madchen in Weiss to Maghreb de Canard
Page M4 Maghreb suite to magyarThe hungarianDie ungarische
Page M5 Mah to Majiya chai
Page M6 Majken to Making dreams come true
Page M7 Making ends meet to Maluba fanfare
Page M8 Maluco to Mambo in the mountain
Page M9 Mambo in trumpet to Man kann sein Herz nur einmal verschenken
Page M10 Man killing broad to Manesangen
Page M11 Maneschijn to Mansion of my dreams
Page M12 Mansion on the hill to Marble faces
Page M13 Marble faun to Marcius
Page M14 Marciusi elizium to Mariette
Page M15 Marigailmarigold to Marranzanata
Page M16 Marratxi to Marynarze lodzi
Page M17 Marys a grand old name to Matamorfosi
Page M18 Matan to Max and Ginger
Page M19 Max and sax to MayeeTharangini
Page M20 Mayeli to Me and Julio down by the schoolyard
Page M21 Me and Lenny to Meat eater solar bird
Page M22 Meat first to Medley no 1
Page M23 Medley no 2 to Meine bar
Page M24 Meine gluckszahl ist eine sieben to Melodia por orchesta
Page M25 Melodia sem fim to Memories of a kuckuck
Page M26 Memories of a little finger to Meninos eu vi
Page M27 Meniscus to merry band
Page M28 merry carousel to Meta y guaguanco
Page M29 Meta444 to Mexican sunshine
Page M30 Mexican swing to Michel au pays des merveilles
Page M31 Michel Graillier to Midnight grinder
Page M32 Midnight groove to Mighty koodepakaway
Page M33 Mighty lak a rose to Mili Terry
Page M34 Milicia to Mina
Page M35 Mina daiski to Miniatur 2
Page M36 Miniatur 3 to Minor moments
Page M37 Minor mood to Mirame
Page M38 Mirame a los ojos to Miss Dorian
Page M39 Miss Doris to Mississippi city strut
Page M40 Mississippi Clarence to Miststuck
Page M41 Mistuh Jim to Mme Chapuis
Page M42 Mme dubois tragedie to Modern gardens
Page M43 Modern Gizz to Moka java
Page M44 Mokambo to Momis dance
Page M45 Momiza to Moneys blues
Page M46 Moneys funny to Monnalona
Page M47 Mono to Montoya
Page M48 Montoya mambo to moon is hiding in her hair
Page M49 moon is high and the night is on to moons a magic lantern
Page M50 Moons ago to More pain than purpose
Page M51 More peace to Morning improv
Page M52 Morning in a distant land to Mosko
Page M53 Moskouse nachtenMijn wensdroom to Motion stillness
Page M54 Motion stop frame to Mouse on Juniors shed
Page M55 Mouse pad to Movie ten
Page M56 Movie theme to Mr Bricolage
Page M57 Mr Briefcase to Mr Littleroots green room
Page M58 Mr Lizard to Mr Twister
Page M59 Mr Twittys chair to Muddy Waters
Page M60 Muddy Waters blues to Mundo de Sonny
Page M61 Mundo rides again to Music for a while
Page M62 Music for accordion with slow sweep pure wave oscillators to Musica riservata
Page M63 Musica Schema no 1 to MVC II
Page M64 MVP to My country used to be
Page M65 My country vieux carre to My geegee from the Figi isle
Page M66 My generation to My life will be better sometime
Page M67 My life will be sweeter to My Natasha
Page M68 My natchl man to My son shines
Page M69 My son the hurricane to Myretuen
Page M70 Myrheden to Mzuri


Page N1 n to nagy erdo meseje
Page N2 nagy fogyas to Nani nani
Page N3 Nani Pua to Nassi goreng
Page N4 Nassim to Nature wise
Page N5 Nature world to Nearly there
Page N6 Nearly time to Neither slavery nor servitude
Page N7 Neither spin nor weave to nest
Page N8 Nest ce pas to Never never nothin
Page N9 Never never now to new denizens
Page N10 New derivations to New Orleans connection
Page N11 New Orleans dance hall band to New Year blues
Page N12 New year new job to Next stop Earth
Page N13 Next stop home to Nick Tete
Page N14 Nick Thethe to Night driver
Page N15 Night eagles to Night sweats
Page N16 Night swing to Nikitas dreams
Page N17 Nikitsky Boulevard to Nira
Page N18 Niraikanai to No beeffree soup
Page N19 No before like more to No ice
Page N20 No ice is coming to No nonsense
Page N21 No nonsense 1 to No special rider here
Page N22 No special thing to Nobody is like you
Page N23 Nobody is perfect to Noe 2
Page N24 Noe Annet to Nonconfirmation
Page N25 Nonconformist blues to North Brazil
Page N26 North Brazilian ceremonial hymn to Not a poet
Page N27 Not a purist to Not with love but with fear
Page N28 Not with me now to Nothing will take it away
Page N29 Nothing without you to Noviembre
Page N30 Noviembre susurro y cumbia to NSA
Page N31 Nsaa ni Maa to Number IV
Page N32 Number IX to Nyar es tel
Page N33 Nyari to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sipario
Page O2 O soave fanciulla to Obscuro blues
Page O3 Obsecion to October 08
Page O4 October 10th to Ode to Prez
Page O5 Ode to princess Magogo to Off
Page O6 Off & outerlude to Oh dong bang that gong
Page O7 Oh Donna Clara to Oh Susannah
Page O8 Oh Susannah dust off that old pianna to Ok whats up
Page O9 Ok you win to Old fashioned song
Page O10 Old fashioned swing to Old sleepy head
Page O11 Old slippers to OLJ
Page O12 Olja og Gass to On a promise
Page O13 On a quiet Christmas morn to On the Achison Topeka and Sante Fe
Page O14 On the acomazuni trail to on the waterfall
Page O15 On the waterfront to One a day
Page O16 One a thief to One for J G
Page O17 One for J Mac to One jealous moon
Page O18 One journey to One of two places
Page O19 One of us to oneironaut
Page O20 Oneiros to Onthe boulevard
Page O21 Ontkomen to Open City suite
Page O22 Open closer to Opopomoz blues
Page O23 Opopomoz un blues marrant to Orange lady
Page O24 Orange line to Ori sintem golani ori nu mai sintem
Page O25 Oria to Orquidea
Page O26 Orquieda choro to Other bag blues
Page O27 other ballad to Our 25th year
Page O28 Our African heart to Out in the sun
Page O29 Out in the tiles to Outerlude
Page O30 Outerlude still Thursday to Overature for 14 theremins
Page O31 Overbite to Oymyakon
Page O32 Oynak to O’new


Page P1 P to Paean to Don Quixote
Page P2 Paean to the prince of hell to Pakke
Page P3 Pakkepapen to Panama patrol
Page P4 Panama peppers to Papa weeds
Page P5 Papa what are you trying to do me to Parablennuis rouxi
Page P6 Parables to Pare cocheco
Page P7 Pare cochero to Parnu beach
Page P8 Parnummersyv to Part I Soul
Page P9 Part I Take comfort to Partners
Page P10 Partners in crime to passage from Pakistan
Page P11 Passage home to Pastel panache
Page P12 Pastel puzzle for Toots to Patters and fixations along the path of seeing red
Page P13 Pattersn to PBH factor
Page P14 PBn J to Pearl rafter
Page P15 Pearl river to Pelaez
Page P16 Pelagial to Penthouse mood
Page P17 penthouse on Shady Avenue to Percorsi paralleli
Page P18 percorsi per violino contrabasso percussioni to Permanentes
Page P19 Permanently lonely to Pet dodeka
Page P20 Pet duck to Petrae
Page P21 Petrah to Phil the fluters ball
Page P22 Phil the Woods with music to Pianco concerto no 1 4th movement
Page P23 Pianco concerto no 1 5th movement to Piccadilly strut
Page P24 Piccadilly with boots to Piece II
Page P25 Piece III to Pilar
Page P26 Pilaren to Pinnacles & Zephyrs
Page P27 Pinnacolo to Pity the American
Page P28 Pity the beautiful to Planet one
Page P29 Planet P to Play with the whistler
Page P30 Play with us to Please give me something to remember you by
Page P31 Please give my heart a break to Plum island
Page P32 Plum Lane to Poem No 4
Page P33 Poem no 4 in and out of the frame to Pol
Page P34 Pol City to Polynesian strut
Page P35 Polynesian suite to Pop filter
Page P36 Pop fucked up the rock to Port view 6
Page P37 Port view 7 to Portraiture
Page P38 Portrat in drei farben to Potato blues
Page P39 Potato chips to Powder your face with sunshine
Page P40 Powdered bone powdered clay powdered sand to Prasseln
Page P41 Prasslin to Preferred to scribble a brief argument
Page P42 Prefessor Dissendadt to Prelude prayer
Page P43 Prelude Precious Lord to Present for Joyce
Page P44 Present happiness to Previous
Page P45 Previous condition to Princess of nothingness
Page P46 Princess of the mountain to prod Sister Kim – movements II & III
Page P47 Prodaj dinozaura to Promise of tomorrow
Page P48 promise of you to Psalm 121 Shir Lamaalot
Page P49 Psalm 122 to Puente a 68
Page P50 Puente a la esperanza to Puppy dont follow
Page P51 Puppy kisses to Put em in a box
Page P52 Put em in a box tie em with a ribbon to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quanto tempo
Page Q2 Quantrale to Que resttil de nos amours
Page Q3 Que rest’t il de nos amours to Questo e il mio tramonto
Page Q4 Questo e lamore to Quietness
Page Q5 Quietness of dawn to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio excerpt from Marian McPartlands Piano Jazz
Page R2 Radio exotique to Ragtime
Page R3 Ragtime 1890 to Rainbow pepper
Page R4 Rainbow polka to Rambos hambo
Page R5 Rambour to Rare truth
Page R6 Rare union to Ray Anthonys boogie
Page R7 Ray bam to real dilemma this one
Page R8 Real doll to Rebuild I II III
Page R9 Rebuilt to Red beret yellow beret
Page R10 Red Bird to Red rose romp
Page R11 Red rose speak to Reflecting a last gleam of hope
Page R12 Reflecting drips to Regresando
Page R13 Regresando a casa to Relocos blues
Page R14 Relph to Removed cover
Page R15 Removen veil to Requiem for Hartford Avenue
Page R16 Requiem for honesty to Restraint of trade
Page R17 Restraints to Reve Merveilleux
Page R18 Reve pour Louis to Rhapsody on a fire night
Page R19 Rhapsody on ragtime to Rhythmic rhapsody
Page R20 Rhythmic seven boogie to Ride your pony
Page R21 Rideanhour to Right of passage
Page R22 Right of return to Rio four
Page R23 Rio from the air to Ritka madar
Page R24 Ritka melodia to Riverside shuffle
Page R25 Riverside souvenir to Robert Ryan on dangerous ground
Page R26 Robert Schumann blues to Rock this house
Page R27 Rock this house tonight to Rodra
Page R28 Rodrigo to Roma non fa la stupida
Page R29 Roma non fa la stupida stasera to Ronitas nightmare
Page R30 Ronkedor rag to Rosalyn
Page R31 Rosalyne to Rotacja
Page R32 Rotadendron to Route four
Page R33 route of all evil to Rubbing
Page R34 Rubbing noses in the midnight sun to Rule of threes
Page R35 rule of thumb to Rundles peak
Page R36 Rundown to rusty pail
Page R37 Rusty rag to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred song
Page S2 Sacred sounds to Saga hen strut
Page S3 Saga lydis to Sake is tears or a sigh
Page S4 sake of it to Salt pillar lest you be destroyed
Page S5 Salt pork West Virginia to Samba cruz
Page S6 Samba curto to Samba on F
Page S7 Samba oracao to Samo blues
Page S8 Samo jednom se ljubl to Sandcastle by the sea
Page S9 sandcastle head hunter to Santa Tecla
Page S10 Santa Teresa to Sasha says
Page S11 Sashas delight to Sau over gjerde
Page S12 Sau sha stomp to Sax is here to stay
Page S13 sax lection to Sboogie
Page S14 Sbout time to Scenes from
Page S15 Scenes from a dream to Schneidleweiss
Page S16 Schnell to Scofflaw
Page S17 Scoffle strut to Scribbles
Page S18 Scribbling to Sea sadness
Page S19 Sea salt to Sebika
Page S20 Sebone shuffle to Secret erich
Page S21 Secret fantasy to See the positive
Page S22 See the pyramid to Seint
Page S23 Seirei to Semper fidelis march
Page S24 Semper ignotus to Sentimental blue
Page S25 Sentimental blues to Sequent
Page S26 Sequentia to serious lack of humour
Page S27 Serious like a pope to Seven AM
Page S28 Seven AM special to Several calls and a perfect pair of opinions
Page S29 Several moments to shadow and the shade
Page S30 Shadow army to Shakeup
Page S31 Shakey to Sharons waltz
Page S32 Sharoo to She walked right up and took my man
Page S33 She walked right up and took my man away to Shes a comely wench
Page S34 Shes a cool operator to Shimri
Page S35 Shimsham shimmy on the St Louis blues to Shoeshine boy
Page S36 shoeshiners drag to Shorter steps
Page S37 Shorter story to Shu mo ku
Page S38 Shu shu to Si zaljubljiv edno mome
Page S39 Sia to Sieht eine Frau dich an
Page S40 Sieiro to Silence is consent
Page S41 Silence is here to Silombesilo
Page S42 Silopobock to simple line
Page S43 simple logic to Sing a little ditty
Page S44 Sing a little jingle to Sinner
Page S45 sinner and the saint to Sister Sharon
Page S46 Sister Shirley to Six pine trees
Page S47 Six play to skelloch
Page S48 Skeltazor to Skolubas aria
Page S49 Skomoroch to Slang
Page S50 Slang in a church to Sleepy time gal
Page S51 Sleepy time girl to Slipping into the light
Page S52 Slipping words against silence to Slow spin
Page S53 slow spiral descent into the flower to Small winner
Page S54 Small wonder to Smokes mokes
Page S55 Smokescape to Snap snap
Page S56 Snap step to Snowbound chalet
Page S57 Snowbound for christmas to So long Mister B
Page S58 So long Monk to Sobalarinda kuruda mese
Page S59 Sobale to Soft to the touch
Page S60 Soft to you to Soldiers things
Page S61 Soldifolier to Solo in the spotlight
Page S62 Solo in Valencia to Some in time
Page S63 Some ink blues to Somebodys soul
Page S64 Somebodys stealing to Something in the moon that gives me a thrill
Page S65 Something in the rose to Somewhere in the city
Page S66 Somewhere in the dark to Sonata pathetique
Page S67 Sonata per Alice to Song for Chicomendes
Page S68 song for children to Song for my ideal
Page S69 Song for my kid to Song huong
Page S70 Song I to Song of the soil
Page S71 Song of the soul to Sonnet 2
Page S72 Sonnet 49 to Soprano straight
Page S73 Soprano suite I to soul and its progress throughout the spheres
Page S74 soul and the Atma to soulful rebel suite
Page S75 Soulful samba to Sounds like winter
Page S76 Sounds like you to Southbound and blue
Page S77 Southbound bump to Space is still the place pt III
Page S78 Space is the place to Spanish tinge no 1
Page S79 Spanish tinge no 2 to Special to you
Page S80 Special treatments to Spiderman theme
Page S81 Spidermansong to spirit wheel
Page S82 spirit will not descend without a song to Spontaneous blues
Page S83 Spontaneous color to Spring round dances
Page S84 Spring rounds to Squeakys blues
Page S85 Squeal to Stabat mater
Page S86 Stabat mater dolorosa to Standchen op 135
Page S87 Standette to Staro dobroudjansko horo
Page S88 Staro vreme to Stay as you do
Page S89 Stay at peace to Stekpanna
Page S90 Stekt gjok med kokokte poteter to Sternum
Page S91 Sternwarte to Still something else
Page S92 Still song for a red puppet to Stomp de jazz caliente
Page S93 Stomp de la hiena to Stop op party
Page S94 Stop out to Storytellers
Page S95 Storytellers waltz to Strange strings
Page S96 Strange suite to Street in St Germain
Page S97 Street intro to String quintet 2 in G Op 111 3rd movement
Page S98 String quintet 2 in G Op 111 4th movement to Struttin to Tangiers
Page S99 Struttin to truckin to Style is all that matters
Page S100 Style is coming back in style to Such a lovely day
Page S101 Such a lovely lady to Sugar water
Page S102 Sugar woman blues to Suite in D
Page S103 Suite in D flat for jazz quartet to Summer fall winter spring
Page S104 Summer falls to Sun cycles
Page S105 Sun dance to Sunday soon
Page S106 Sunday soulful supper to Sunset on Mt Pelee
Page S107 Sunset on Paradise Island to supply and demand of love and hate
Page S108 Supply do why to Surviving
Page S109 Surviving on a riff to Swahili is spoken
Page S110 Swahili north to Sweet appraisal
Page S111 Sweet Araminta to Sweet Mandy
Page S112 Sweet mango to Sweetest blue
Page S113 Sweetest daddy in town to Swing king
Page S114 Swing kings to Swingin the St Louis blues
Page S115 Swingin the toreador to Sybil Vane
Page S116 Sybilization to Synopsis no 25
Page S117 Synopsis no 26 to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Tag och skriv
Page T2 Tag og kys det hele fra mig to Take cinco
Page T3 Take courage to Takeabreak
Page T4 Takeaway to Talk about a party
Page T5 Talk about Avalon to Tamborino
Page T6 Tambou to Tango innominado
Page T7 Tango inominado to Tao Suite
Page T8 Tao te ching to taste of honey
Page T9 taste of honey pt 2 to Te adorare
Page T10 Te adoro a ti to Teasing rag
Page T11 Teasing the blues to Telepathy & bop I
Page T12 Telepathy & bop II to Tema i blatt hvitt og rodt
Page T13 Tema in blues to Ten nights
Page T14 Ten oclock to Tent show stomp
Page T15 Tent song to Terzo piano
Page T16 Terzo tempo to Thandiwe
Page T17 Thane to That honky tonkin love song
Page T18 That house we lived in to Thats all right daddy
Page T19 Thats all right honey to Thats why Im feeling blue
Page T20 Thats why Im glad to be sad to Theme for Nana
Page T21 Theme for Nancy to Theme from Wuthering heights
Page T22 theme from Yentl to There is a hope
Page T23 There is a hot lady in my bedroom and I need a drink to Theres a whisper in your heart
Page T24 Theres a whistle in the thistle to They call me a fool
Page T25 They call me Junior to things I leave behind
Page T26 Things I like to Third mystery
Page T27 Third narrow passage to This is for Trane
Page T28 This is for us to share to This rather than that
Page T29 This record can not set me on fire to thought of you
Page T30 thought of you part I to Three falls
Page T31 Three fantasies to Three points suite
Page T32 Three policemen step to Throop
Page T33 Throso to Ti ci li
Page T34 ti Colombia to Tiger blues
Page T35 Tiger boogie to Tim tam time
Page T36 Tim tim to Time running out
Page T37 Time runs to Tin nwe ni
Page T38 Tin palace shuffle to Tired man blues
Page T39 Tired moon to To Annie
Page T40 To another to To love somebody
Page T41 To love someone to To treat love lightly
Page T42 To Tristan Tzara to Toenail blues
Page T43 Toenails to Tomcat is a midnight rider
Page T44 Tomedonaku to Tonight I can write
Page T45 Tonight I celebrate my love to Too much to tell
Page T46 Too much too close to Torino
Page T47 Torino disco dance to Touch of the old
Page T48 Touch of the rainbow to tower of babel
Page T49 Tower of cheddar to traekning
Page T50 Traemodellerne to Trane to you
Page T51 Trane track to Trapeze song
Page T52 Trapezi to Tre trallande jantor
Page T53 Tre tre su su to Tres palabritas
Page T54 Tres palbras to Tribute to Turrentine
Page T55 Tribute to us to Trio JAEPDY
Page T56 Trio JAGKEP to Tristo
Page T57 Tristossa to Tropi
Page T58 Tropiblues to True lips
Page T59 True love to Tryin to find out about you
Page T60 Tryin to forget lazy lady to Tuba point
Page T61 Tuba smarty to Tune for Jay
Page T62 Tune for JC to Turn of events
Page T63 Turn of faith to Tuxedo stomp
Page T64 Tuxedo trouble to Twilight at Terezin
Page T65 Twilight blue to Two candles
Page T66 Two capos to Two moves
Page T67 Two much to Twomblish
Page T68 Twombly to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Ujd
Page U2 Ujevkoszonto to Un air qui passe
Page U3 Un alba dipinta sui muri to Un seul couvert please James
Page U4 Un signori chiamato blues to Uncle Joes spirit house
Page U5 Uncle Joes stomp to Under the volcano
Page U6 Under the water to Uneven development
Page U7 Uneven image to Univers sans visage
Page U8 Universal to Unsafe at any speed
Page U9 Unsaglich to Untitled thoughts
Page U10 untitled title to Update one
Page U11 Update six to Urban reality
Page U12 Urban reception to Utopia blues
Page U13 Utopia Mans dream to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valeureux liegeois
Page V2 Valgar to Valse nouvelle
Page V3 Valse Nr 2 to Vapour trail
Page V4 Vapour trails to Variations on lamentations I
Page V5 Variations on lamentations II to Vedersi andar via
Page V6 Vedet to Vento chamando vento
Page V7 Vento da nordovest to Version two
Page V8 Version two part 1 to Vi Vigor
Page V9 Vi vil ud to Vido in a mist
Page V10 Vidoc to Villa do porto
Page V11 Villa dOrnette to Violin concerto no 2 first movement
Page V12 Violin concerto no 3 to Visitant of the ninth ultimate
Page V13 Visitation to Vo do do deo blues
Page V14 Vo ja jo to Volere e potere 1
Page V15 Volere e potere 2 to vous tout de vey a vous
Page V16 vous Tristan to Vztek


Page W1 W to waiter
Page W2 waiter and the porter to Wake up people
Page W3 Wake up Puerto Rico to Walkin down the street
Page W4 Walkin east to Walkup
Page W5 Walkure to waltz for Grace
Page W6 Waltz for Gregor to waltz of passionelle
Page W7 Waltz of plenty to Wanting and waiting
Page W8 Wanting memories to Was a sunny day
Page W9 Was a time to Watchin the river
Page W10 Watchin the ships roll in to Watts 67
Page W11 Watts at sunrise to Wayeahwayeaho
Page W12 Wayfare to We gather together
Page W13 We get close to We would hesitate and fumble
Page W14 We you neednt to Weekend theme
Page W15 Weekend un lundi to Well find a way
Page W16 Well find our way out of this mess to Were gonna roll
Page W17 Were gonna wiggle to Westward bound
Page W18 Westward ho to What are you sinking about
Page W19 What are you talking about to What Im supposed to do
Page W20 What Im thinking before I start mlaying to What tis what tis its spring
Page W21 What to do to Whats right for you
Page W22 Whats said reinterpreted by future hearers to When flowers blossom in spring
Page W23 When flowers still to When life begins
Page W24 When life is easy to When the organ plays at twilight
Page W25 When the pale moon shines to When you played with Roy
Page W26 When you press your lips to mine to Where here
Page W27 Where his third eye could be to Wheres home
Page W28 Wheres home now to Whiskey head man
Page W29 Whiskey head woman to White logic
Page W30 White lotus to Who pumped the wind in my doughnut
Page W31 Who pushed the button Children of creation to Whos on the playlist
Page W32 Whos our master to Why is that
Page W33 Why is that thing so pointy to Wierdness quotient
Page W34 Wierdo to Wilhelmenia
Page W35 Wilhelmina to Win some lonesome
Page W36 Win some lose some to Windy City sundown
Page W37 Windy City swing to Winter v
Page W38 Winter variation 1 to Witch of Agnesi
Page W39 Witch of Salem to Within the courts
Page W40 Within the house of night to Wolfman
Page W41 Wolfowitz in sheeps clothing to Wont be water next time
Page W42 Wont be your hound dog anymore to Words and mood
Page W43 Words and music to Worldblues
Page W44 Worldlettermajesty to Wrenches
Page W45 Wrenchwork to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yankee stay home
Page Y2 Yankee swamp to Yellow and some dark green
Page Y3 Yellow and violet to Yesterday I had the blues
Page Y4 Yesterday I heard the rain to Yolo
Page Y5 YologoBanfora to You belong to my heart
Page Y6 You belong to somebody else to You come along
Page Y7 You come back to You gotta be a football hero
Page Y8 You gotta be careful to You move you groove
Page Y9 You move you lose to You took the sunshine
Page Y10 You took the words right out of my heart to Young gifted and black
Page Y11 young girl to Your river
Page Y12 Your romance to Youre my everything
Page Y13 Youre my favorite dream to Youve got the right key now
Page Y14 Youve got the right of way to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zazou rythm
Page Z2 Zazueira to Zigaboo
Page Z3 Zigaboo got da itch to Zong at SaintMerry 1
Page Z4 Zong at SaintMerry 2 to Zwei unter einem Regenschirm
Page Z5 Zwei variationen uber das thema von Johannes Fink to Zzzzzip

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